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  1. Nice heavy snow in Cramlington at the moment massive flakes to visibility right down
  2. Got a nice heavy shower passing through Cramlington at the minute looks great with hardly any wind
  3. Nice line of showers coming in now looks like there gonna make landfall near Blyth so might actually get some snow today yay
  4. Hopefully the winds are due to start moving more to a NE direction this evening around 7-8pm
  5. Looking at tomorrows models and data just looks like de-ja-vu from today as the cap seems like its staying put so shallow convection again
  6. Here is the Skew-t sounding for today for Newcastle not to bad of a cap but it kept all the showers shallow
  7. The problem we’ve got at the moment is theres a layer of cloud (circled) we’re our showers are developing, the cloud layer is inhibiting the showers until there clear of it and move west plus theres still a cap over us at around 5000ft hope that makes sense lol
  8. Looking through the charts and models for this morning theres a Cap on over our region at the moment keeping the convection shallow (cap at around 4-5000ft) u can see this when the showers die out leaving a cloudbase around there good thing is when this cap goes towers should reach a height of around 23000ft (cumulonimbus)
  9. We’ve still been getting graupel in the showers here in Cramlington had a few heavy ones but have died down for now
  10. Just having a quite heavy polystyrene shower at the moment in Cramlington which is turning everything white Temp 0.6 Dew -1.6
  11. All stopped now in Cramlington whats left of snow dissappearing also got a NE breeze and temp rising now 2.7c
  12. Well its a certainty that Newcastle is going to be white in morning as the snow is coming down thick and fast
  13. Hail with thunder at the moment in Ashington, Hail not to heavy and pea sized
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