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  1. Hail with thunder at the moment in Ashington, Hail not to heavy and pea sized
  2. East Coast railway closed between Berwick and Morpeth as Chathill station has got drifts of snow higher than the platforms, snowploughs on the way
  3. Heavy snow again here in North Seaton very gusty winds
  4. Blizzard again in North Seaton visibility right down with blowing snow
  5. Big flash of lightning down near Blyth no thunder on shower just of coast
  6. 850mb winds coming through at 110 deg at the minute slowly working there way to E
  7. Looks like on radar everyone under the same shower as its a big one
  8. Still got blizzard up here in North Seaton visibility must be down to 200 yds at the most
  9. Blizzard again in North Seaton massive flakes this time no beanbag stuff
  10. Currently got heavy snow in North Seaton visibility right down
  11. Just got in from work seen a canny big flash of lightning up Amble way now in the house at North Seaton and its snowing heavy
  12. 8/10 in Newcastle now visibility down to 400yds beanbag with some larger flakes
  13. Can see some rather big CB’s coming ashore off Newbiggin, also still got the polystyrene snow hardly any big flakes
  14. Stopped now in Newcastle sky clearing up time for the showers to start
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