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  1. I should remember I actually do have an account on here and make some attempt to use it...

  2. moved in to new flat, have internet connected, everything is sorted, I'm back guys!

  3. we have a new flat, finally! Now we just have a week to pack this one up inbetween starting 4th year and having a 5 day field trip. Crap.

  4. That awkward moment when a for sale sign flies past the office window and everyone realises its a bit telephone boxing windy outside.

  5. Oh hells yeah! I bet Katla is just sat there waiting for her sister Katia to show up so they can go paint the town together - jkjk kids!The one thing that really don't get is where this theory about seismic activity around Katla being due to hydrothermal activity. I gave it a quick google and couldn't find much on it (or in general) that made much sense to me - someone wanna hook a sister up with some info?
  6. So new study shows dolphins can call each other by name. Told you they were planning something. So long and thanks for all the fish!

    1. Sprites


      Hide the can opener.

    2. santorum


      Do you want to see my dolphin?

  7. its rather windy outside today....one week left at my real 9 - 5 adult office job before uni goes back. Gotta say paychecks nice - adult job isn't.

  8. is alive...never fear Sammies here!

    1. Coast


      Way to go Samuel!

  9. My Twitter stream just exploded. Friend in Baltimore is reporting feeling the quake strong enough for everyone to be evacuated from the office building and all the phone line are down. Another friend in Brooklyn felt it as well with it strong enough to throw a mirror off the wall and even my sister in Toronto just called me to tell me they had a quake all within about 3 mins of each other.
  10. Was having a nap got woken up by flatshaking thunder. I nearly few our of bed and in to a wall

    1. EaasmanG


      Thunder? In the UK? Are you sure?

    2. sammie


      Aye Edinburgh is becoming quite the storm magnet lately.

  11. there was a funnel cloud sighting at 2.35 over the davisons mains area of the the city with the first storm and there was also another one sighted near Kinds Buildings in Blackford not sure of the time but my friend was freaking the hell out on facebook about it ¬_¬

  12. So more storms on the way for me and our kitchen is about 3mm away from being flooded. Eh bum.

  13. Oh hay there storm, you come back to see me again? Aww shucks you shouldn't have.

  14. *flails around hysterically* STORMS! Two storms in a row in Edinburgh. Lighting. Hail. Rain. Roads closed everywhere. Everything flooded. =DDDDD fuuuu yes!

  15. GEt off coach in cupar to go to flatmates parents. Massive thunderstorm. Epic win.

  16. 4 years. 2 bolts of lighting. 3 rumbles of thunder. Dear Scotland - you suck. No love. Sammie.

    1. PersianPaladin


      move further south :p

    2. sammie


      I've forgotten what a storm is. I've kinda given up all hope and just started ignoring all threads during the summer on here.

    3. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite

      You make up for it with winter action though!

  17. Screw this. Screw Scotland. Moving to San Francisco. Might not get storms but the weather is more interesting and its the bay.

    1. Eugene


      lol the weather isnt as interesting in SF as you think, i hope you like sea fog ;)

    2. sammie


      The sea fog isn't as bad as people say, it burns off pretty fast during the day and its fun to race it down the street.

  18. So humid. Oh so very humid. Its like being back in NoCal.

  19. back in the UK epic win.

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Epic Fail more like!

    2. sammie


      Nah I missed home, missed my friends. The USA is awesome but it isn't home.

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      I Understand

  20. Leaving for home tomorrow morning. Don't wanna leave America.

  21. 107F today...holy crap so glad we're heading back home tomorrow. Need cold.

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      You won't be saying that when you get back, trust me! enjoy the heat while you can.

    2. sammie


      Its too hot to do anything. Literally. You can not be outside for more than three or four minutes without dropping dead.

  22. Las Vegas is really damned hot. it was 40C today. I want to die. Ugh.

  23. Had the most amazing night ever. Met Green Day. Went to see Billie Joes kids band play. Met EVERYONE. Got to jump around with a Scotland flag in California. I love my life.

  24. Tired. Didn't sleep well. Exhasted. Busy day ahead though....

  25. Sunburnt. To a crisp. OW. FREAKING OW. Calfornia Y U MAKE MY SKIN RED?

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    2. Mesoscale


      to LAX its 11:40 or something like that.

    3. Backtrack
    4. sammie


      our flights were 14 hours. 8 hour London to Toronto and then 6 hours from Toronto to San Francisco. =] Off to Las Vegas as well on Sunday. Its 37c there...I'm going to DIE

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