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  1. I think the beauty of darts is... Even if you are in your 30's and competing at a local level... It's not too late to make it as a pro or semi-pro. It's not a sport where you need fitness. Would be cool if you got through qualifying one day =D

  2. Just a couple of local pub comps its a big step up though, need more practice.

  3. Wow thats awesome! Have you won tournaments at a local level?

  4. Hi andy, yes mate i love the darts. I entered the british open this year did not get far though lol

  5. LOL I love the quote in your sig!

  6. Due to the benign weather around my parts at the moment . I looked to the heavens for excitement and guess what , we might get a decent solar storm. http://spaceweather.com/ http://solarimg.org/files/realtime/ http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html Very interesting stuff.
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