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    Chippenham, Wiltshire
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    I love all things weather, but like the usual weather fanatic, I love thunderstorms! My biggest ambition in life is to go storm chasing in the US. Every tornado that seems to occur in the UK I seem to miss, even one of my friends who has no interest in storms has seen a tornado in Cumbria - not fair!! haha!
    I am a self confessed nerd - I love reading, puzzles and anything else that I guess most people would find boring!
    I have spent the last year or so researching my family tree and really enjoying it.
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    Thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow

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  1. Amazing lightning show out my window right now! Love a night storm!

    1. Chillyhills


      Hope you are getting some pics for those of us outside the Party..please pretty please :D

    2. wimblettben


      It has been a long time since I've seen lightning that frequent.

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