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  1. Would it be fair to say models have been struggling for some time? Look at difference in weather apps met office and BBC weekly forecast. All must use different models and have differing reads.
  2. Strange how most other regions are buzzing, wonder why?
  3. Big problem I feel in MT is the 4 a day outputs which no matter how often people are told to go eg 6z v 6z they compare to last run. This has moods going up and down regularly. Now someone tell me Antrim snow shield will be broken for 2nd time next week, you can use any output to prove your point lol
  4. Think this cold spell could last another 10 days or more, in that hopefully opportunities for snow will arrive. Imagine what has an is to fall last couple and next couple of days had been snow.
  5. Mating time of the year, that much in need they don’t care about the shitty ball freezing rain! That or they aren’t singing they are complaining about the ball freezing rain.
  6. If this verified Rocheydub you might not find your logs
  7. Are we going to get a fall or 2 of snow or as in BBC weekly it stays dry
  8. The South English often talk about Thames streamers would this be a similar effect. Another question would be could something form of the Irish Sea?
  9. You say there might not be snow in southern England and your the devil. I wish I was a virtual drug dealer dealing virtual drugs for them all, just a little something to sort their mood swings. That being said wouldn’t mind another winter/snow blast here to make using all this oil worthwhile, this cold n wet ain’t what I ordered.
  10. Unreal how unlucky we have been, could go up the coast throw a stone an hit the cold air. Scottish ski resorts having the best snow ever an no one to use it.
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