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  1. Neiller do you reckon there will be no convection from Irish Sea?
  2. Nothing but rain in antrim, elevation required?
  3. The difference between the 2 risk assessments is tonight’s is less likely to happen but if it does it may have more impact to travel etc. It’s not 3 points closer to amber.
  4. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Will snow make it to the low lying antrim? Seems on the yellow warning border
  5. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I think the model thread is full of 2 types of people, those from the south of England and those not. Some read charts some use seagulls but at the end of the day there methods have to grab at every opportunity because unless it’s an easterly snow won’t come to southern England. Strange how knocker doesn’t forecast anymore.
  6. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Hard to believe that this close to Sunday even the met are unsure
  7. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    That good in antrim some lunatic is out making a snowman
  8. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Is it a worry that meto fergieweather says possible battleground an used reading ens as example, are we wrong side or could easterly drift? As we know a few hundred miles in meteorology is nothing.