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  1. So far Antrim town sleety mix temp 2.1c. Not expecting much but ever hopeful. On night duty so drive to Belfast later might be fun.
  2. £10 wasted on white Christmas it seems. Matt Hugo’s tweets don’t bode well for snow in the near future.
  3. 13/2 at Skybet best price for aldergrove, Paddy offering 4/1. Might risk £10
  4. Looks like southern/central England got our snow. Warnings out by met office
  5. To be fair there’s about 15m people in that area which may sway the argument on the forms but they had the beast last year so it’s fair we get a week of white gold
  6. Mixer, I think the call to go the way they did was based on the previous months of rattle throwing but to me a bad call. I’ve been lurking for a lot of years an know who to follow. Too many little informed individuals but adamant in there thoughts.
  7. Bit of confusion, graphics show snow an rain mix to weekend. Just want someone with a bit of knowledge to go winters coming.get the sled oiled park up all BMW’s an have a bit of craic
  8. BBC week forecast great for short term but end of week mild.
  9. What’s your gut call MS, this low that hasn’t formed is causing all confusion.
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