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    Formed Global Weather Osscillations Inc. in 1992 with the understanding that weather and climate occurs in cycles, and if you have a very good understanding of the natural forces that control cycles, you can forecast climate well into the future. Mr. Dilley's research on the Lunisolar Precession has provided this understanding. My research is incorporated into forecast models for hurricane forecasting, earthquake forecasting, regional historical flood forecasting and climate change. Author of the online paper "Natural Climate Pulse" and the eBook "Global Warming Global Cooling " in 2007 and recently released a complete rewrite and update in January 2012. The new climate handbook is called "Natural Climate Pulse". Research discussed within the book encompases about 15 scientific fields and ties everything together into a package called "climate change". Remember, everything in life and weather comes in cycles, some are just better than others.

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  1. Boar: Has anyone had problems with their antivirus? This is the first report I have had. Cycle
  2. Would like to pass on this information about a new climate publication called "Natural Climate Pulse" Handbook to understanding what is actually going on with our climate (major update to the original eBook released in 2007) <P> The Big Political "Hoax" about Carbon dioxide and temperature WHAT THE MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU! <P>.. topics in this Handbook include scientific evidence showing .. Carbon Dioxide is actually a good gas Where Carbon Dioxide comes from, and the carbon cycle and temperature Manipulated Censorship of scientific research and media Earth was actually w
  3. very nice work GWO,keep it up!

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