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  1. I am enjoying this tread as there are some good points in it. Unfortunately there are also quite a few broad brush statements. I work in the NHS in Scotland. I am a middle manager and usually work a 45hr week (I get paid for 37.5 and don't get overtime). Frequently I work 8am to 5.30pm with no break. I agree that some public sector staff are not efficient or even up to the job. The problem is that our Unions are so powerful that our HR system has made it almost impossible to get rid of poorly performing people. Most managers are afraid of the pain they will go through (it takes months to year
  2. Not much chance of the River Clyde running dry, it is chucking it down here .... again. Yet another warm, cloudy and rainy Summer ... I long for those hot, sunny Summers that West Central Scotland got in 1976 and several times more over the subsequent few years. Not had a "good, dry Summer" up here for Yonks. Can I sell you some water? ..... Anyone? Joking apart ... interesting quotes Mr Data.
  3. I remember climbing Buchaille Etive Mor (Great Herdsman of the Etive), a Scottish Munro (Mountain over 3000 feet high) on my birthday 10 years ago. It snowed from about half way up and was quite a blizzard on the top - It was the 4th June. Okay Glen Etive is just to the West of Glencoe, so it is fairly far North, and it started snowing at about 500 metres above sea level. But I still was taken aback by snow in June - but did enjoy the birthday snowball fight on the top. Snow lies almost all year round on the top of Ben Nevis and some of my best Winter hillwalks have been in early May - w
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