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  1. Ah heor lads !!!! - earlier it looked like the storm was headed our way - now it looks like it's being pulled east! watching south ...
  2. My last close brush with lightning was 2005/6, summer - I was working at a garden centre in shepperton, a storm was brewing and I was standing in the carpark, when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck go up - I ran for the shop and turned to see a big pink flash hit a tree across the road - since then that's me hooked - not scared at all, more in awe. A few flashes and rumbles here yesterday, more north of us, is that REALLY it for now lol
  3. anyone know if the irish system might back build a bit? Pleeeease!!!!! i'm about 40km south of the shannon and limerick... craning my head out the velux windows to look north but no joy yet. Gone cooler now, and blustery from the south / south west.
  4. Just like yesterday, everything seems to be firing up about 100km north of me!!!!! Feels muggier today though. Going out to move the neighbours cows now.
  5. Haven't heard any thunder yet but very heavy showers here in west limerick - come on!!!
  6. Hello stormgazers from west limerick in ireland - hope you all have some luck tonight and your cousins over here hope to get a few hand me downs lol! been a very strange day here weatherwise - the temp and humidity been up and down like a fiddler's elbow most of the afternoon, now feeling chilly here - I moved here from sunbury in middlesex a few years ago and will be watching the radars, probably feeling a bit homesick - What's your opinions on my chances over here, learned friends if I may ask?
  7. I can safely say the sky is literally glowering here - it's so still you could hear a pin drop... going to let the range die down, sense powercuts if we get a storm!
  8. just been out watering the polytunnnels - my god it is soooo still out there - see a few strikes north of us - AND I've had a migraine all weekend - could this be why???
  9. Hoping that cell off the tip of cornwall is headed towards me! Will it survive the irish sea???
  10. just dreaming this will set off a line of super cells, all headed for west limerick! will be watching, day off work and the weather is looking malevolent out there, Chickens and dogs hiding in the barn. good luck london, moved here from near heathrow 2 years ago - miss planes and storms lol!
  11. what are the chances of this making it to Ireland??? starved here....
  12. Heavy, face stinging sleet here in west Limerick, wind getting up in the last half hour or so.
  13. here in West Limerick the sky is flickering to the east, the rain is hammering down on the veluxi and the wind is now beginning to howl through the trees. Candles at the ready here for the inevitable!
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