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  1. La Tania (Courchevel0 had a dump yesterday evening. about 12/15cm. http://www.latania.co.uk/webcam/
  2. Thanks Julian. I'm usually following your blogs about Glastonbury but am now going skiing in the easter holidays in Courchevel area. Are these updates once a week? Is this the best place to be reading? Thanks
  3. Update: it has been completely dry since 3pm. NO MUD AT ALL. Xxxxxx
  4. Update: it has been completely dry since 3pm. NO MUD AT ALL. Xxxxxx
  5. Dear jackone, A message from a big group of us here, just to say thank you for every thing. Yes it did rain 10mm, but you warned it might and we got prepared. It's now drying out very quickly and will be dry by tomorrow morning. So that's most of the festival dry, in fact about 70% so you right all along! Thank again from a quickly drying glastonbury
  6. I think the hope was around 7, but who knows...keep us informed of the state of the sight.. Remember even if it's muddy, it should, as usual, dry out in 24 hours (at most) as long as there's no more significant top ups...
  7. These amounts are what you suggested a few days ago, so not a huge change. Still blue/ hazzy on webcams.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/festivals/glastonbury/webcam/
  8. Any news on the over night charts Jacko? A quick update on that rain amount would be much appreciated before I leave! Got worse/ better?
  9. Famous again Jackone! Any news on that possible rain? How were the latest charts? Cheers again for everything. Dan
  10. a photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/spuggy/9119462382/in/photostream/ another http://www.flickr.com/photos/spuggy/9117233309/in/photostream/
  11. Hi Jackone, all reports from the site are that whatever rain they had, it had no lasting effect on the site, and the wind and sun has done it's job. To conclude, not an issue at all...
  12. As with others, I'm not able to get there until Friday evening, so a Thursday evening one would be great..
  13. Another mention today and a link to this thread, on the front page of the website.... http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jun/21/glastonbury-2013-weather-forecast-less-muddy
  14. The Guardian and The Huffington Post....2 quality publictations...Well done! Jackoone there is talk of trying to an attempt in getting you to be Glastonbury's offical weatherman...Would you welcome someone trying to make this happen (unlikely though it may be!) ?
  15. Jackone is famous again.... http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jun/20/glastonbury-festival-sunshine-predicted
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