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  1. Good luck. You might do ok with sun later I hope. We're off there tomorrow for a day and night. Looks ok.
  2. Main roads are fine, no issues at all. Thawing well on them too, perhaps due to the slightly different nature of the snow. Well played by the Met Office IMO, no need for a red.
  3. A gentle reminder that, if you go to your user settings, you can add your location to your username.
  4. That's really all up to you. Demonstrate, using charts and knowledge, why he's wrong. Other twitter users will then make their own mind up.
  5. Derek is, as far as I recall, still skiing. So any forecasts will simply be a repeat of the Chief Forecaster's assessment. He's retweeting what some of the charts currently show. How about, if you want to call him out to the BBC, just post on his twitter feed and debate him?
  6. He hasn't. Not really, he's been posting some temps and arpege charts. Anyhow, my post was a bit tongue in cheek, he has and will be reporting on snow as he's currently skiing
  7. I'm 100% certain Derek will be reporting on snow this week.
  8. Yeah, seems reasonable. It's unexpected given the massive wind speeds, you'd expect the wind to force the snow over the obstacle at such speed it wouldn't have a chance to drop. I suspect some sort of vortex effect. It was remarkable, driving around today at just how many places exhibited it. Even on our street, which faces East, the snow came up, to the end of the cul de sac then settled on my neighbours drive opposite (his house faces South, so the walls are East and West) squarely up against the West facing wall.
  9. Perhaps my compass is off but, why so many drifts on the west side of walls in an easterly? All the monster drifts in Ogmore are on the other side of the wall than you would expect?
  10. 4am this morning we had a few extra inches, and total road coverage. That had gone by the time I got up at 7. Garden pretty much green again now. A very quick thaw indeed. The drifts will take a while to go but the main stuff will all be gone by Monday in many areas. Next weekend looks fairly unlikely given how relatively close we are in the models.
  11. Wonder if the GFS signal for next weekend is a result of the 2nd SSW?
  12. The motorway webcams really do demonstrate why the Met was right to time the red for 3 pm
  13. Spot app forecasts are always pretty poor as indicative, but the latest Net Weather one is actually quite worrying. And an upgrade on earlier.
  14. It doesn't. It says 6, then heavy snow till 2 am
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