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  1. What a lovely day it is becoming, very little cloud just bits of Cirrus, not much breeze a reasonable Td=13 C and T=20.8 C at the moment.
  2. Dry and now mostly sunny after a lot of fairly thin high cloud, a low of 9.3 C
  3. Dry with the sun now out after a fairly cloudy start, a low of 9.4 C
  4. Try this link it is the Icelandic Met Office own forecast, touch more reliable than given above! http://en.vedur.is/weather/forecasts/areas/
  5. Same here, sunny and dry after a coldish night with a low of 4.8 C the coldest since 11 May this year
  6. The First Weather Ship

    I am sure I hve sai before anyone doing that job had to be either mad or a born seaman. It makes me feel queasy just looking at the photos and reading the links you have provided. As always k, thank you for showing folk just what some Met staff did to allow we shorbound folk to plot charts and do forecasts.
  7. Dull and damp with spots of rain and drizzle at times earlier, 0.2 mm, very muggy really with a low of 14.4 C
  8. Dry, no measured rainfall, mostly cloudy with multi layers of medium cloud AcAs, patchy Sc below this Lowest T=8.1 C before the cloud sheet came in
  9. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    I am not sure where this fits best so ask that the team place it where they feel it is most appropriate. The PDO etc from UK Met=well worth watching and listening to in my view https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2017/a-pacific-flip-triggers-the-end-of-the-recent-slowdown
  10. Dry, sunny intervals, a low of 9.6 C and a shower sometime overnight with 0.2 mm
  11. Torrential downpour=121.2 mm p hr at max rate along with strong gusty wind, ocnl rumbles thunder and bits of hail but not much, 5.2 mm and 1.4 of that fell earlier today. Funny weather!
  12. ah, hopefully this might help me understand a bit better, although I suspect my old brain is now just about able to keep track of synoptic meteorology, never mind here goes Yep that is more my standard, 'various factors' helps me to realise that it may be best for me to stick with how the Polar Vortex is developing rather than what is causing it in the post from s1973. Each of us to our own level, good luck to all the cold lovers, I am one but not for 3 solid months of it thank you. &-10 days two or three times during meteorological winter will do me. I just hope we can all keep our posts polite and respect other folk's point of view without the team having to spend many hours sorting things out. NB:- If the team feel any of the above needs deleting please do so just me rambling on!
  13. gawd, my head hurst, but thank you I will try again in a bit
  14. Late today although out very early Patchy low St early on (fog at airport) then a clear spell before cloud and the odd shower, only slight here so far, with sunny spells in between. A low of 8.3 and a high so far of 18.3 C, currently down near 16 C after a shower
  15. Dry, pretty cloudy after some showers in the early hours, 1.4 mm, but the sun breaking through now, a low of 9.5 C