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  1. Certainly a warm muggy night, the highest Min of the summer at 18.6 C, it was a bright start at dawn but totally cloudy now, dry
  2. A lovely late summer day, dry, a bit of a breeze so not too muggy, a high of 25.2 C made it very pleasant in my garden, variable cloud amounts, patchy shallow CuSc and more Ac and thick Ci at times
  3. Dawn was mostly clear but cloud built up soon after, CuSc some Ac and Ci but with sunny spells. Yet another muggy night with a low of 15.3 C and already showing 22.8 C in my very sheltered garden.
  4. johnholmes

    Masters in Meteorology around the world

    Try Reading Uni Or the UK Met office, both will probably have the information you seek, at least for the UK. Hope that helps.
  5. Not sure if this has been posted in here or on another part of the forum, anyway https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/a-record-breaking-summer
  6. Little sign on the 2 available 500 mb anomaly charts I use of any marked change in pattern. No GFS for 2 days now but ECMWF abd NOAA 6-10 show a similar pattern, consistently over the past 2-3 days of a flow just N of W, a day or two of settled weather for sure at times but no prolonged ridging in the next two weeks would be my suggestion based on their outputs. Better the further S and E one lives. Warmth there at times, even a bit humid depending on just where any surface high cell develops temporarily but no prolonged dry and heat. Both show troughing into Europe links below http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/814day/500mb.php http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html
  7. A colld dry sunny start, a low of 9.5 C, the lowest since 24 June.
  8. Cloudy with currently very slight rain, 3.2 mm since midnight, muggy again with a low of 14.8 C
  9. Dry, variable cloud with brief sunnier intervals, muggy again with a low of 16.9 C
  10. I have to say that looking at my trusty 500 mb anomaly charts there is little sign of any major shift in the upper air pattern in the next two weeks. Of course they may be wrong but it would be unusual for none of the three to not be hinting at some kind of change in the pattern they are currently showing. That is for a fairly benign westerly pattern to persist. Individual days, maybe 48+ hours with a temporary ridge developing close by the UK but no indication of major heat returning. A NW-SE split is likely with the driest and warmest for the SE. The links are below http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html
  11. Dry and muggy, sunny spells and a low of 14.8 C
  12. Dry and cloudy also muggy again with a low of 15.5 C
  13. Not a moan, and fine for any who want to moan, this is to say how good this summer has been, so far. Today at 20.7 C, almost no sun is the 2nd coldest day since 17 June, too much heat at times for me, along with the humidity, but that is just my personal feeling, others have enjoyed it. I am not sure how long it is since a summer as dry and warm/hot as this has been, certainly not in my records going back to 1997. I suspect 1976, not in this area but working in Manchester is probably the last time I experienced such prolonged dry weather and heat with it.
  14. some folk are never satisfied, I know its the moans thread but really, yes grotty day here as well but more days of heat and sun than for many years.
  15. Overcast with slight rain, starting about 2130 last evening, on and off, 3.4 mm so far, muggy again with a low of 15.8 C