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  1. Dry and cloudless after the lowest temperature since the 1st of this month, 7.1 C; on 12.4 C at the moment
  2. Cloudy, dry just now after rain earlier, 2.4 mm since midnight, a low of 11.1 C
  3. A cloudy but dry start to this morning with a low of 11.8 C
  4. And to follow on from above Friday 17 June and the 500 mb charts Been watching each day but not made any notes or copied any charts. Ec has its main are of ridging well west of a few days ago and the trough in the UK area is also, just a touch, west of where it was at that time. Noaa has kept the trough over/close by the uk throughout; less +ve heights/contour ridge now well ne of the uk, (it did have such a day or two ago), the Azores +ve anomaly and suggested ridge is now south of Greenland giving a not favourable upper air pattern for ‘summer’ weather,. That is ridge-tro
  5. As mushy commented earlier, of course they are not infallible. But they do, with care, note that phrase, give the best outlook at 500 mb. We then have the extremely complex and difficult last bit of the atmosphere to try and predict, from 500 mb (18000 ft) to the surface. How to deal with ppn, mountains, oceans etc. Not easy even with the increasingly complex models but very very slowly accuracy is improving.
  6. Overcast with slight rain again, after a dry spell following overnight rain, not much, just 2.2 mm since midnight, a low of 13.8 C
  7. My warmest day since 15 September 2020, today 28.4, then 29.3 C
  8. My warmest day since 15 September 2020, today 28.4, then 29.3 C
  9. A dry sunny start to the day with a low of 13.5 C
  10. Dry with sun through a veil of upper cloud; much cooler than 24 hours ago with a low of 9.1 C
  11. Variable cloud with sunny intervals, very muggy, the lowest temperature all night was 17.3 C, up to 19.3 C at the moment. need to add looks quite breezy as well!
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