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  1. Just missed 20 C here with 19.6 C in spite of the breeze, so the warmest day since 4 October 2016
  2. Certainly mild, the low of 12.2 C is above the March average Max for here! A lot of cloud but dry.
  3. Cloudy but dry after 0.4 mm of rain earlier, a low of 9.8 C, the highest for 10 days
  4. A glass half full view as all your posts seem to be, not sure why? It is always a bit hard to work out when UK Met say the NW just where that ends. Perhaps it would help IF they said Scotland and parts of NW England to avoid ambiguity? Bu then they probably have a limit on how many words are allowed. Predicting rainfall more than 24 hours ahead, other than an overall idea of will it be dry or not, is often fraught with difficulty. It is something, for whatever reason, that appears not to improve in accuracy whilst the overall isobar pattersn are now generally more accurate at similar times intervals than they were 10 years ago.
  5. Sunny apart from patchy Cirrus and Contrails, patchy ground frost with a low of 0.4 C now on 2.6 C
  6. Northolt has 4/8 Ci at 25000ft Boscombe Down has 6/8 at 30000 ft Much as the Dundee satellite showed earlier and what the skew-t's suggested would happen. I'll leave you to admire the waspish humour of k and his squirrel
  7. come on knocker what type and what height, it does matter, I suspect you are again on a wind up! A quick check shows NONE of the cloud is below 5000ft, and is probably Cirrus, hardly affecting the temperature!
  8. the latest visual sat picc courtesy of Dundee Uni shown below. It indicates no sign at all over the N Sea of any troubling cloud and skew-t diagrams suggest only very limited convective cloud for most of England and Wales. Sunshine amounts, away from the eastern coast and SE coasts should generate some relatively high maxima, for the highest, areas to the lee of any high ground from the E/SE lightish breeze, more noticeable the further SE you live. Skegness skew-t for late afternoon Shawbury;sess=659ea4ccc6041c29f9c8aca7e0914e0f sorry you have to type in the name of a place, so your nearest town to show the cross section of the atmosphere over you from the latest GFS model run.
  9. Yes the fog that formed here in the very early hours had gone by 0600 but the airport took (3 miles away) took until about 0730 to clear
  10. to mods we now have two of these, I started one a little while ago, can you merge them please? thanks
  11. Well having had a good run in predicting various wave length changes over the past winter and the example I showed a few days ago they seem to have gone AWOL as they say. NOAA having been quite definite about another ridge building NW of the UK for 2-3 days suddenly dropped it Thursday and was a similar picture last evening. EC-GFS have both been far from settled in the patterns they have predicted, so I sit on the fence at the moment. The current set up with little cloud showing little cloud for today in this area on the skew-T but rather more tomorrow and increasingly after that seems reasonable. Met Fax charts have dropped the idea of an old front edging south over the N Sea which was a concern a couple of days ago. By Tuesday the flow looks to be veering towards a more SW'ly direction with frontal troughs starting to affect the UK. For many a pleasant weekend after another chilly start tomorrow, some mist and patchy fog but, clocks going forward, probably cleared by the time most folk not working will be getting up. Just to show the predicted upper air patterns, the usual links You can see that the latest set of charts do show a fair degree of agreement for a flow south of west off the Atlantic with ridging occurring south of not north of the UK.
  12. Sunny here after an air frost, a low of -0.6 C and fog earlier but now clear
  13. Dry, sunny with a few Contrails, rainfall showing 0.2 mm from melted frost, (ground frost) with a low of 1.4 C, now on 2.6 C