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  1. Dry with variable cloud and no breeze, a less cold night with the low at 7.2 C
  2. Dry, mostly clear sky with a touch of ground frost and a low of 1.2 C currently
  3. What a beautiful mid October day, a cold start but no wind to speak of and almost cloudless skies all day, not warm for sure out of the sun but lovely in it, max of 16.4 C currently.
  4. Dry, some patchy cloud but mostly clear with an orange sunrise, a low of 4.5 C It fell to 4.0 C just before 8am
  5. Dry and cloudy with a low of 10.5 C
  6. Meanwhile back in the here and now so to speak. ^-14 days ahead and the anomaly charts, at least the EC-GFS version have pulled the predicted upper ridge back a shade allowing a colder flow, at least, down the eastern edge of the UK. I wonder if this will continue with, as some have suggested, the upper and surface ridge being far enough west fot colder air to spread into the UK? http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html The last couple of runs from NOAA do show the centre of +ve heights to be around 20 West. So maybe most of the country could get on the cold side. How much cloud is open to speculation until nearer the time with a flow around the high off the Atlantic probable. At the moment these charts do not suggest, even as a one of within the mean any major Polar outbreak. The NOAA 8-14 keeps the +ve height anomaly in much the same place as the 6-10 shows. Most of the models at 240h show something along these lines. Only GFS allows for a colder plunge from a more northerly area. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php
  7. More rain but only slight, 0.6 mm so dar and a low of 7.9 C
  8. Not often one sees such a +ve anomaly, as DRL suggests just where the surface ridge ends up will govern the overall low level temperatures
  9. Cloudy but now dry after a wet day, 14.2 mm, and a Max temperature, now, of 9.5 C, yesterday it was 24.3 C.
  10. With a 552 DM line straddling half way up the country I am not sure why, away from Scottish mountains quite such a lot seems to be suggested by one or two posters? Lots of fun for the coldies of course to be looking way ahead but it is very early for any real chance away from the far north and Scottish mountains. Just my view, open to question of course!
  11. A wet morning, 9.4 mm so far, and the temperature keeps falling, now down to 9.9 C
  12. Cloudy, slight rain and a low of 12.6 C at the moment from 18.2 C at midnight, 0.2 mm of rain so far, predicted 14-16 mm through the day
  13. Cloudy, dry at the moment and very little rain overnight, just 0.2 mm, very mild, the low was 17.4 C, more like mid summer
  14. Cloudy, dry at the moment after slight rain around 0600, a low of 11.8 C
  15. Dry, cloudy with a low of 9.7 C