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  1. Currently dry, cloudy with slight rain overnight, 0.4 mm, a low of 12.4 C, spots of rain again now
  2. Partly cloudy, still a bit of a breeze, sunny st times, a low of 15.4 C, maximum so far is 21.2 C7 C or more down on the previous 3 days
  3. Missed the heavy thunderstorm here but 3 miles down the road some lightning and thunder with torrential rain off and on for 20 minutes, displey filed had a few acres of standing water when it ended; visibility at one time barely 1000 metres, just 7.4 mm here, at least no need to water the pots tonight, that looks to have fallen in about 10 mins with 292 mm per hour at its maximum!
  4. As accurate as any for Sunday is probably the latest issues of Met Fax charts, note the one for 12 z Satrurday issued this morning. If their idea is correct then most of the heat is gone by Sunday. Best I clear up what I intended. I used the 12z Saturday to show how confident with their 0554 this morning issue of the chart for Saturday. Then went on to the current 120h chart which showed the front well clear by 12z Sunday. So yes Saturday will be a 'hot' day east of the front. Come Sunday afternoon and all parts of the Uk are west of the front-hence my comment as above!
  5. Dry, mostly sunny apart from some Ci, a low of 13.9 C
  6. A lot of cloud at various layers at times but often sunny, and how nice to have a warm breeze! Max was 24.7 C, 0.5 C up on yesterday so the highest since 15 September 2016.
  7. Dry, warm, quite sunny but with a lot of upper cloud, Ac Ci but it seems to be clearing now, a low of 10.9 C
  8. Dry and mostly sunny with patches of cloud at various levels, a low of 8.3 C
  9. Dry, mainly sunny through a lot of Cirrus, mostly fairly thin, a low of 6.3 C
  10. thunderstorm here 2100, just one flash and rumble, bit to the NE of me
  11. 2.8 mm of rain here too, most of it falling from the last showers, sunny spells especially this morning, a high of 16.4 C
  12. The anomaly charts have moved towards the idea of a block, see the links, with troughing down its western side. So supporting the idea of a settled 6-10 day outlook, at least to start, with fairly warm air being pulled up from a southerly point. How thundery as time goes on will be decided nearer the time on the synoptic models. Perhaps several days of warmth for many areas?
  13. Dry and mainly sunny start with a low of 6.9 C, already up to 12.7 C
  14. Overcast, mostly dry at the moment but still a few spots of rain at times after a wet evening and night, 12.6 mm since it started, a low of 9.4 C; over 35 mm in the past 5 days so far!