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  1. Having spells of long wintry showers in Stiperstones village, starts off rain and sleet and soon turns to snow, big flakes, very wet, is forming slushy surfaces. Hill is white.
  2. On the radar in Ireland, the front has progressed steadily northwards to the border. If you draw a convex line along this front across Wales / England, you get a good idea where the northern extent will be. By my reckoning, Chester / Stoke / Leicester is the limit. Anywhere south and you should have snow. Later tonight / tomorrow, places north of Leicester should catch the snow showers feeding-in off the North Sea.
  3. Driving out from Shrewsbury into the hills, you hit snow at 700 feet with slushy roads, wet white at 820 feet, freezing level on Stiperstones at 450 metres.
  4. Snow since 9.30am. Started dry now wet, roads wet, fields white. Very thin cover. Nothing to get exited about!
  5. Happy to report heavy snowfall and thick white all surfaces. About an inch and a welcome surprise.
  6. Car driving to Manchester today from damp Shropshire. Do I pack my shovel, whistle, thermals, whiskey, snow socks, torch, tent. Is the snow deep. Will I arrive?
  7. For you chaps up north, snowing moderately in Stiperstones, slight cover on ground. Very wet and windy. Saturday was best for snow with up to 2 inches of wet up top. Down low it was only a trace of snow on the ground. The snow we had in December was lovely dry powder but fell on wet ground. January snow so far is really pants - wet on wet transient. We need a week of hard frosts, solid ground and then a breakdown of blizzard proportions - this is not dissimilar to what Scotland has at this present time.
  8. Heavy wet snow, white wonderland again in less than 15 minutes. Large snow flakes quickly soaked-up wet surfaces!
  9. The met office advance warning system is faulty. The weather teams today have square heads and blind faith.
  10. Stiperstones village - 30 minutes of moderate wet snow falling, varying temperature 1.6C current from 0.9C. The overnight dusting on old snow thawed. Further sugar coated with light graupel at 9.00am. All a load of rubbish really. The met office are totally inept - ensure warnings cover a big area and everthing is forgiven. I don't think so!
  11. Wet moderate blowing snow falling in Stiperstones. We had a good dusting on top of the old snow at 4.00pm. Temperature was 0.6C. It rose to 1.6C and has fallen back in the last half hour to 1.4C.
  12. Forecasts last week showing the path of the oscillating jet stream moving across the Atlantic are now paying dividends with colder air digging further south bringing us some wintriness to lower levels in the run up to Christmas. With the cool down in Eastern Europe and the continued dissipation of depressions hitting Scandinavia, the forecast pressure rise over Europe is going to be interesting!
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