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  1. Be glad to see the back of this tbh. Haven’t got anywhere near temps in NI in the mid twenties and no sign either. Some charts showing 20c of a difference in temp this weekend between NI and SE of England. Was a great summer until about 2 weeks ago. Since then more changeable and temps high teens / 21 at best.
  2. They’ve got very little right Re NI during this spell especially for eastern areas
  3. Finally continuous snow and still very dry snow at that. Better late than never Maybe a few cm’s out of it if we’re lucky
  4. Know the feeling watcher. The snow shield worked well.
  5. And there you have it. Only part of NI not under snowfall quite impressive
  6. The wee snow shield has gone up again my neck of the woods. Surrounded by snow fall. Feel the pain of the south and east Antrim members. Roll on spring and hopefully a great summer
  7. The snow over Co Down I think is very slowly moving west and also north across the Lough towards County Antrim so all that have missed out should get something hopefully
  8. Yes finally got into the snow action overnight with a few cm’s right on coast and so dry and powdery as well !! Blowing a gale and -2
  9. Yes saw the national forecast and had the snow over the whole of NI Thursday night and later Fri. Here’s hoping Found a few wee snow grains between the slabs on the patio Does that count ??
  10. It’s the same view from craigantlet to comber - southwards and westwards. Looks like a lot of snow down that neck of the woods. Yet just 20-30 miles from me
  11. I said a few days ago it would be practically a nowcast situation. Can’t understand why such a struggle to work out what’s due to happen fri and into weekend. As for the showers for east coast - very very disappointing !! Now for southern counties across to Fermanagh.
  12. Yeah not a lot you can say to that
  13. The NW’ly Only gave a cm or two for us but it’s a cm or two more than the “Beast from the East” has produced
  14. It’s a bust in Bangor. Not a flake. -2 and D/P is -9. Nice and cold but bone dry. Bring back the north westerly
  15. Nothing here but bone dry and I’m on east coast !!