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  1. Sleet / hail on the coast. Strong wind from the E/SE. -4 during the night with a heavy frost but +1 now both temp and dew point.
  2. The met 16-30 day outlook today is a downgrade there's no doubt. I think the effects of the SSW this year haven't been as favourable to our location (UK/Ireland) as many would have liked, hence the constant uncertainty in the forecasts. I'm not saying they can't be wrong but they have been very bullish for a number of weeks about February whereas the latest update drops the very cold more to cold and closer to a normal winter month. Pity.
  3. Unfortunately the met office are saying this front will introduce milder weather
  4. It's always amazed me when the showers are of rain they have little difficulty reaching the east coast no matter what direction they come from. But when the weather turns colder and showers are of snow they die out before reaching east coast.
  5. Not from what i have seen on any charts but i suppose its open to change even this close to the day.
  6. Fair point. I think Dec 2010 spoilt us when we had 8 inches. It can be done given right conditions. Even the easterly was poor last year so was hoping flow from NW with no sea track might do the trick.
  7. Look at the snow shield in full operation north down and the peninsula. U couldn't make that up
  8. Nothing on the Down coast. Always found the model thread to be very biased towards S and SE England and if easterly didn't materialise then winter was over. Some very good, knowledgeable posters but a good lot of constant moaning and melt down central. That's why I.dont post that often even though I've been on here since 2008. Find this thread much better.
  9. East coast near Millisle no better. Few icy patches but that's it. Doesn't seem to matter what direction weather from in recent years but snow has become a greater rarity.
  10. Be glad to see the back of this tbh. Haven’t got anywhere near temps in NI in the mid twenties and no sign either. Some charts showing 20c of a difference in temp this weekend between NI and SE of England. Was a great summer until about 2 weeks ago. Since then more changeable and temps high teens / 21 at best.
  11. They’ve got very little right Re NI during this spell especially for eastern areas
  12. Finally continuous snow and still very dry snow at that. Better late than never Maybe a few cm’s out of it if we’re lucky
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