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  1. I have found out my oven doesn’t work with out power even though it’s gas due to the fan not working but the gas rings do as they are separate but I have to use a match or lighter to light them.
  2. I must admit working in the emergency services for the nhs I am getting a little concerned with the output at present, where I work we are full on a daily basis and the struggles everyday are massive, I cant begin to think what it will be like if the weather came close to what is being shown on the models at present.
  3. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it at this range but it’s snow
  4. Massive cold pool on the GFS,let’s hope the ECM follows suit
  5. Tweeted from Ian F a few days ago, they seem to look at it for comparison
  6. I know this is a tweet but what other models are they looking at which shows what they speaking about