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  1. What the hell, as soon as the rain hits the south coast it vanishes!! rain to the east of me,rain to the west of me, I’m just stuck in the middle
  2. Looks like you have some storms heading your way
  3. Storms breaking out around st malo seems to be heading NNE direction
  4. Seriously, people like that shouldn’t be allowed animals
  5. Noticed that as well, sat under a nice big yellow radar return but nothing hitting the ground!!
  6. Plus some more taken at ground level, looks more developed, took these 10 mins after the others
  7. Pictures taken from my drone at 50ft looking towards Warminster, looks like something is developing
  8. I hope that rain over Wales makes it this far, certainly could do with it
  9. I was looking at the showers s/e Salisbury they got going then died off rapidly
  10. According to the rain radar here in Bath it’s supposed to be chucking it down, but not a drop has fallen
  11. Currently sat alongside the river Windrush in bourton on the water, temp is showing 27.5c with a lovely breeze, off down to west bay in Dorset tomorrow, hopefully might see some storms out across Lyme bay
  12. Just sat to watch the bbc forecast at 10:35 and it was cancelled due to a technical issue
  13. Suns out here now, hopefully it will aid a little convection
  14. Just had a shower pass through and it was a monsoon, rain rate of 61mm/hr