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  1. @offerman amazing evening had me a little scared as it was coming straight for my house but thankfully it veered to the right and it look as some wind sheer pulled it apart. so far my rain gauge has recorded 44.7mm in old money 1.7inches i think. my weather station is on weather under ground, station name is Ifrome5 regards fromey
  2. well that was a dramatic evening!! from something to it dying then boom, monsoon rain ??funnel cloud, lighting, it had it all.
  3. @offerman I can confirm distant rumbles, that was quick!! From small cloud to thunderstorm in just over an hour!!
  4. i think its gone electrical, 2 strikes showing on lighting maps.org around trowbridge/warminster direction
  5. @offerman certainly did, I was up from 4:30am just watching, looking like some convection taking place now, not sure it will amount to much, bit late in the day, we will see. clouds bubbling up fast now the sun has come out
  6. Bridport harbour cam on YouTube always good to watch storms approaching from the south
  7. @offerman can you see the cloud base from where you are, I don’t have a good view , looking angry right now!!
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