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  1. Definitely avoid the mad thread today, it’s a car crash, train wreck, nuclear disaster all rolled into one, it’s not pretty
  2. just looked at my dew point and its dropped below 0c to -0.4c
  3. Copy and pasted NWS suggest GFS/GEFS are outliers with regards to the USA storm track and placed more weight in the EC 00z so the fact the EC 12z remains favourable for cold could suggest it's along the right track, however nothing guaranteed of course. Awaiting the EPS with interest
  4. God I hope so!! It’s just something is bugging me about it, can’t put my finger on it. i will hold you to next Friday!!
  5. Does anybody have a horrible feeling that this winter will a close but no cigar winter?? “ that winter that could of been??”
  6. The Metoffice are doing a live feed @ 1pm on Twitter discussing the increasing chance of cold, beast from the east Etc Etc, might be interesting to watch and see what they have to say, straight from the horses mouth if you were.
  7. Slight up tick in temp at 10HPA and a very small rise at 30HPA
  8. Personally I think it brightens the thread up after reading some doom and gloom posts
  9. That’s a little harsh! Are you tarring the very knowledgeable people on here as well who don’t have the qualifications you speak of?
  10. Just going to put this out there, not sure how good this guy is, perhaps some can look into it
  11. Many thanks, I thought that as well from a tweet back at the beginning of January from Dr Amy Butler.
  12. According to ventrice on Twitter the PV has begun it’s split!!
  13. morning all, currently getting my snow fix watching the luge on Euro-sport from Germany, absolutely chucking it down over there.