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  1. I heard on the metoffice site that some of the rain could evaporate before it hits the ground unless its a downpour, thats why there not so concerned about rain tonight but more on the lighting.
  2. Good live webcam, not stationry but good to see whats happening onthe south coast
  3. im watching a small couple of blobs developing down near bere regis, could head north, the sun has come out along the south coast which could be aid convection. my old home town, looks lovely
  4. on sat 24 looks like someone has let a nuclear device off on the north coast of France, massive cell going up on the north coast, heading NNE
  5. I didn’t think this cloud was going to get to us until later on this afternoon!
  6. afternoon, temp 11.5 dew point -2.1c!! hum 38% and yes it s minus 2.1c on the dew point
  7. Afternoon, just driven back from Trowbridge and i had sleet hitting the windscreen, got home to find the Temp is only 4c.
  8. I’m sure it will get sorted, thankfully we are coming to end of winter so plenty of time for them to work on it.
  9. After what I have just read I will not be taking to much notice of the cold shots the GFSP
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