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  1. No weather warnings until now!! That was an extremely violent storm! And I can imagine with the fork lighting still coming from the back end of this storm it’s only going to get worse
  2. It is absolutely mental here, constant lighting monsoon rain, incredible
  3. Looks like one of the storms is heading into Lyme bay
  4. what’s with this active member message I got? Something to do with not posting in a while! Anyone else got this message?
  5. Sorry didn’t have time post this this morning, worried about getting to work which was at times a bit squeaky bum!! My car was cleaned off before last nights snow fall, there’s a good covering. 4-5cm at a guess?
  6. Oh yes, on top of sheet ice, my drive to work at 5am will be interesting
  7. Just drove back from bath and encountered blizzard like conditions along the A36, fairly big flakes now back at home
  8. The band coming in from the east is just outside reading! Marching nicely westwards!
  9. Well get a load of this, I tweeted John Hammond and this is his response
  10. The picture in its original state is 1.9mb, so I don’t get it. i was able to do it before but not now
  11. What did thaw briefly has now turned in to icicles! also why do I have to take screenshot of a picture just to upload it????!!!!!
  12. Well after a high of 0.3c the temp and dew point are dropping, down to 0.1 c and dew of -3.8c