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  1. Just seeing that now, nothing showing radar!! Very frequent lightening!! Just north of Trowbridge
  2. That’s what I’m watching right now, nothing there and then 30 mins later!
  3. Interesting read, posted by Ian F Coordinated response mitigates loss of aircraft-based weather data | ECMWF WWW.ECMWF.INT A coordinated response involving EUMETNET, national meteorological services and private companies is helping to mitigate any adverse effects of the continued loss of...
  4. Looking dark and moody out there now. picture doesn’t really do it justice
  5. It wasn’t bad, a few good flashes and rumbles, now just heavy rain, seems to have died
  6. I am watching it now, it’s being dragged in at a rate of knots! Possibly could form a weak funnel.!!
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