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  1. MetOffice are sticking to their guns on their forecast, light cloud until 1pm then heavier clouds for the rest of the day! Although saying that the sun is becoming (very slowly) more hazy. I'm planning to pop out for my Sunday run in an hour or so, so wouldn't mind a little cloud cover 😅
  2. Sun seems to be breaking though here, where all the weather forecasts seems to have suggested today would be a cloudier day than yesterday. Nearest weather station suggests its just short of 13.4c at present. Seems to be more cloud about mind, so unsure how long the sunnier intervals will last.
  3. On holiday in the North Lakes, near Hutton Roof, things are getting interesting. Persistent heavy rain and frequent thunder and lightning.
  4. Currently 17.5c but we've had rain showers since about 10am, rather than 'from mid-afternoon', just had another downpour and looks like another is on the way in the next 45mins or so.
  5. 14.9c here so far, been raining since just before 9am, but stopped around 12.30 - although it looks like we could get more in an hour or so.
  6. What a difference 72 odd hours makes, I would say today is sunny intervals (at a push), local weather station is at the dizzy heights of 17.2c at 1pm with 32mph gusts.
  7. Is something brewing? It’s got very dark here looks like we might get some rain in the next 15mins or so?
  8. 24.7 at 4pm. Oh well ... guess the chances of a storm are reducing as quick as the temperature.
  9. I think that's our lot for this batch of heat. Very windy now, weather station reporting 22km/h, temp has dropped to 25.9c , 29.4c 24 hours ago.
  10. So pretty much no chance down here in South London? We've had a few clouds build, which looked highly unthreatening, have gone again, but the local temp has only risen 0.5c in the last 2 hours, the increasing breeze is holding back the temps.
  11. 26.7 at 2pm ... I think we might have hit today's high. For reference it was 29c here at 2pm yesterday.
  12. Slowly tapering off here, 26.2c at midday, 26.6c at 1pm, (28.6c yesterday at 1pm) wind is the feature now, also cloud is slowly starting to bobble up but sadly doesn't look threatening. Humidity is insane mind.
  13. Just broke 25c here at 11am (25.5c), it was a rather more substantial 27.6c yesterday. Wind seems to be picking up as per the forecast, MetOffice is saying 15mph gusts by 1pm increasing to 20mph by mid-afternoon. The wind really tapered the temps back yesterday, so not sure how much higher we will get, be interesting to keep an eye on it, although our storm risk seems to be decreasing with every MO/BBC update. Still some high level cloud blowing around, the skies aren't as clear as they where yesterday. What is for certain the weekend will be a lot lot cooler, with a lot more wind!
  14. Seemingly had some rain in the early morning, only 3mm or so according to the local weather station. Left the start of the day with milky skies and feels slightly more breezier this morning than yesterday. Temps reflect that at 22.7c at 9pm compared to 25c yesterday. Pressure down to 1009mb. Depending on who you believe, it's going to be 29c and sunny here, or 26c with the chance of rain/storms this afternoon. As the max was 'only' 29.7c here for the last few days, and the increased wind/less blue skies this morning I know which one I'm placing bets on!
  15. Perfect rinse and repeat, hit 29.7c at 4pm, now showing 29.3. Lets hope for some nice storms now! Every forecast seems to wildly vary, so lets see what happens!
  16. Rinse, repeat today of yesterday. Local weather station reporting 29.4c at 3pm (It was 29.0c yesterday), we peaked at 29.7c at 4pm yesterday so might squeeze into 30c, but that breeze (like yesterday at this time) is starting to pick up. Pressure continues to drop mind, what are the chances of a storm for South London either overnight or tomorrow? We seem to be borderline between just getting some rain, maybe a storm, or maybe just another warm day?
  17. 27.1 at 6pm. Seems today is slowly dropping away, might get out for an evening walk. Be interesting to see what tomorrow brings, but alas back at work for me!
  18. The local weather station has reported 29.7c at 4pm. Will we, won't we ....
  19. Local station just hit 29c. Could possibly squeeze 30c ... MetOffice still sure today will be the hottest in Croydon.
  20. Ha, Gatwick isn't too far from here and I highly doubt it was 34c at 11am! I've not been out, but the breeze is more substantial than it has been, the local weather station hit 27.8c at midday but is showing 27.9c at 1pm so the breeze is having some sort of affect? It's gone from 11km/h to 16km/h in the past hour.
  21. Talking wind, the MetOffice seem to show us picking up a breezier easterly by late afternoon. Wonder if that’s what’s holding the temps back a little tomorrow?
  22. We seemed to hit around 25c yesterday according to the nearest local weather station, my very low-tech temp sensor in the garden was a few c higher but it’s been exposed to the elements for a few years so unsure how accurate it is these days. Local weather station already has it at 20.2c at 7am! MetOffice seem to suggest today will be the warmest day for the Croydon area, they have 30-31c for today, and 29 tomorrow. Any reason for this?
  23. We’ve had a few rumbles but nothing to get excited about sadly. Just been humid and cloudy since!
  24. Hi all, Is there any idea when this humidity could drop? I might have misheard but I'm sure the BBC local weather seemed to suggest we will pick up a stronger westerly breeze by Friday and we should lose the humidity?
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