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  2. Totally agree, been promises for the last two days which have failed to deliver. Currently about 18c here and grey as far as you can see!
  3. Like others have said, the promise of a last few days of sun and warmth have failed to materialise (yet!) lots of cloud yesterday, with like drizzle which left everything a bit damp this morning. Signs around here that the skies are slowly (slowly being the word!) brightening but unsure if it will give away to any major sunny spells before sunset which seems to be getting earlier and earlier! MO is going for a sunny day tomorrow now, with more cloud around on Sunday. BBC forecast this morning seemed to suggest the opposite! Currently somewhere between 15-16c with cloud.
  4. Lovely on the South Bank - ran the London Summer Run this morning, not clear blue skies slight white tinge and a slight breeze off the Thames.
  5. Clear blue skies one side of the building, towards the west. The other side facing the east has seen cloud slowly build during the morning. Might produce something interesting this afternoon? The forecasts suggest there is a 30% risk here for something during this afternoon.
  6. Far too warm here last night, it's a warm morning too, the only relief from the heat (set to be 28-29c around here today) is that we might get some more cloud this afternoon, with a chance of catching a storm or rain, but to be fair I'll take the cloud for a bit to be honest! I got a 10k event at the weekend, and it's looking a tad different from the next few days for sure! Cooler and wetter!
  7. After a glorious start to the day, the cloud popped up and by 8.30am it was cloudy! Apart from the odd glimpses of sun we're still under a wall of cloud which doesn't look like clearing soon. The forecast around here was topping out at around 25c today but with this breeze and cloud levels it needs to get a wiggle on!
  8. Morning @Dangerous55019, well it's nearly afternoon! I guess I'm 'lucky' to be in the SE. Sunset this evening in London is around 9.15pm but this evening I'm travelling to the NW with my partner to see her parents, and amazingly sunset up there is 9.37pm! It's amazing how much a couple hundred of miles can make! I always tend to notice it more this time of the year as we roll through July the stark differences in the evening daylight between London and the NW. It wasn't the brightest of evenings yesterday but from the house it was looking dark outside by 9.20 but there's little chance of that this evening for me!
  9. Still cloudy down here, we've had a splattering of blue sky, but similar to yesterday it looks like the sunnier periods will be as the sun sets. Already loosing 90secs a day of sunlight! Amazing to think that in just a couple of weeks we will be facing 9pm sunset times, summer continues to fade ....
  10. Hi all, I've found this thread interesting. For years I've felt that I've had 'Summer SAD', I don't mind the warmer (ha!) days, but part of my body has never got on with the period from middle of May until early August, it's something about the sunrise at stupid o'clock and waking me up from 5am for many months and then the thought of the sun not setting until 9.20pm just makes matters worse. The days are rapidly shortening mind, not that I'm counting (much!), we've lost 5mins in the last week alone, then 9pm sunset in this part of the world is just over 2 weeks away, then before you know it its 8.30pm in just over a month! I always seem to feel more 'settled' around my birthday which is Mid-September when sunset moves to 7pm.
  11. Bright and sunny start to the day, garden sensor is showing around 15c but I always find it tends to show few degrees higher than it actually is. Highs expected of around 24c today, although the major forecasts show different sort of days ahead. MO going for mostly sunny all day, BBC and NW both seem to suggest similar to yesterday with fair weather cloud bobbling up throughout the day.
  12. Cloud has very slowly started to build during the morning, but we seem to be in a shield or something looking at the radars at present. Still the odd patch of blue-sky bringing spells of sunshine, just a case of if/when the cloud will either take over. Most forecasts seem to suggest that it will.
  13. A bright sunny start is slowly becoming cloudier, still lots of blue sky about but it's slowly becoming hazier. As per yesterday this afternoon is expected to bring isolated heavy showers.
  14. A cloudy, damp start, must have had a few more overnight showers. Mostly cloudy this morning with heavy showers developing this afternoon, the same as the last few days. Currently 10c, expected highs of 14/15c this afternoon.
  15. After the morning rain, it has stopped and if anything, the skies are brightening, but the NW radar shows some heavy looking showers to our south so this afternoon could well be a mix of sun, showers, and the odd rumble?
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