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  1. Supposedly taking part in the Adidas City Run in Fulham on Sunday, they are saying they are monitoring the weather, but now with the yellow warning for Saturday and Sunday, what is the likeliness of them pulling the plug before the weekend? I'm sure the health and safety people are a little concerned right now!
  2. Still light fall around here, keeping things nicely topped up. Would like another heavier burst at some point before the day is out!
  3. 3-4 cm around here I would say, I'm slightly off the beaten track (if possible in these parts!), there's not too much traffic moving so despite it being fairly light in nature, small flakes, it is starting to build.
  4. Heavy rain, loud storm for around 35mins now! First proper storm for an age! Radar suggests we might have a bit more of this moving up from the south.
  5. Hey all! I'm running at 10k in London on Monday - starts at 10am - do you think we are likely to miss the worse of this potential rain? I'm just not sure who to believe, the BBC keep chopping and changing, although BBC Online for London has it dry throughout the morning. The forecast on this site suggests the worse won't come until later the evening - if at all! Looks like it will be windy regardless! Just unsure what to expect, and therefore what to wear! Thanks.
  6. It's all a bit dark and thundery here in North Croydon. Like something we'd usually get after a hot summers day!
  7. Darker to my North than to my South. Gone quiet again, but raining heavily.
  8. Bit of rain around here but that's all we've had so far. Seems everything is happening to the east of us right now.
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