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  1. Just east of ringwood in new forest just stopped side of road with loads of others crazy lightning multiple flashes a second got fair bit on camera this is bloody mental!
  2. Still in Christchurch don’t know whether to head west to Taunton way or east to Brighton way!
  3. Near Christchurch Dorset atm still in the pub. Thinking I should stick around here for a while before moving. Then do I go West to Purbeck area or East to Ports, Chichester etc....?
  4. Having a late dinner near Christchurch Dorset in New Forest. First proper chase I’ve done in a couple years I think. Fingers bloody crossed. May well head west and to the coast after this. A lot of patience and waiting involved!
  5. Thinking of heading down to Hants, Dorset, Wilts pos further west after work, as hear that’s in firing line most? Suggestions anyone?
  6. Just finished reading the old thread. I was tracking the radar, lightning maps and a variety of forecasting models last night, while intensely browsing the previous discussion, camera and tripod at the ready in the spare room looking over the fields to the south/east (London way) but I just had an inkling the storm was gonna be a Kent clipper after a while, around say 10PM. I woke up about 1AM and looked at the radar which pretty much clarified this. Hats off to you though mate, driving all the way from Derby to the south coast. Was it Hastings you said you ended up eventually? Glad you got to see some lightning. Fingers crossed the UK will see less disappointment when it comes to French imports (and thunderstorms in general) over July and August. Onwards and upwards!
  7. Ah, I remember that one, mental strike rate! I never saw it but I remember staying up and feeling envious at the lucky sods south and west of the New Forest!
  8. It was hitting 140 strikes per min and it lost intensity in this regard and was peaking at 115 per min for a while and now hovering around 85 per min. I've seen French imports that have usually hit Kent only over the years that have had 3, 400 strikes per min at some points. Oh down to 65 strikes per min now. What's happening?!
  9. If I were you mate I'd personally go to Brighton/Eastbourne. Can't miss the lightning if you're there, surely. Doesn't look like the most intense stuff will head west of there, and perhaps it will shift more north-easterly across the channel and steer more towards Kent, but I think those two spots on the coast are a good bet. Just my opinion.
  10. Was just thinking this. Seen far too often an area of heavy thundery rain move northerly or even north-westerly and the actual more intense cells shift north-easterly to hit east of London (in other words usually just hit Kent.)
  11. Hope to be in a good spot tonight here on the edge of the Chilterns. I reckon the worst of the stuff will hit central London and Eastwards, but no surprise if another Kent clipper. If needs be, I could get up at 4am and head south-eastwards if I have the energy, as I work on the Surrey/Hants border.
  12. Oh that’s cool, nice one mate! Love the Lakes, just been hiking for a couple of days. Everyone is so friendly too. Back to the boring and overpriced Home Counties now!
  13. Just seen this funnel cloud heading south on the A591 near a place called Sizergh just south-east of the Lake District National Park! We virtually drove under the funnel but there was no wind. Never seen anything like it!
  14. Was up in London tonight (Canary Wharf) and around 6:15PM when I exited the underground tube there, it was tipping down with some fantastic intra-cloud lightning. Very loud thunder. Nothing back in the Chilterns but it seems that south and east London had some decent action this evening!
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