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  1. Looks like the Kent/Surrey/South London stuff is dying a death. Yawn
  2. Those storms in Kent.....they appear to be moving WNW to me. Are they likely to gain intensity over London because of the urban heat island effect, or not?
  3. The cells around Cullompton S Devon and Winchester look tasty! Some heavy precipitation there. Exploded in Kent now. Think those cells are going moving WNWards so will be to the SW of S Bucks. Bugger!
  4. BLOODY HELL!!!! Anyone looking at lightningmaps?! Look at East Grinstead - Tunbridge Wells area, just exploded on there, and on NW radar there's barely anything for that area, just some blue and green! Could be a biggen!
  5. Storms firing on the Surrey Hills! How could I have guessed...... So there's been a lot of talk about storms forming on the M4 corridor and further south in Hants, Dorset and further westwards..... Anyone got any idea if south Bucks (just W of Gerrards Cross) is a good position?! I've seen a lot of different opinions/forecast predictions with some focusing further south and others focusing more towards Oxford and westwards.
  6. Before I go sleep, check this guy's channel out on YouTube, he has some great storm footage and is a mountain of knowledge! This video will make everyone here including me envious lol.
  7. Nah, surely tonight a Kent Corker just for Mitch! Personally I'm hoping for a "Bucks Banger" but I'm about to hit the hay so......
  8. Jesus Christ! I mean I got in my Mum's effing renault (temp insured while my car was being serviced) on Mond night chasing storms, only to breakdown and fork out £150 to the RAC.....but that's nout compared to what you've said! I think we should have a Mitch Perrott fundraiser......get this man a return ticket to Oklahoma City and VIP access to a pick-up truck with all the latest dopplar radars and lightning trackers!!!!! I think you deserve it lad!
  9. Ok I don't have facebook these days but I did ten years ago at college, and if anyone here remembers those days, before all the pages and their "likes," you used to have groups..... Well, if it was them days I'd say we should have a collective net-weather effort and make a group titled: "Give Mitch Perrott a Thunderstorm!"
  10. Some photos from today's (Wednesday 12th) storms looking E towards London and NE towards Watford/Dunstable/Luton:
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