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  1. Torrential rain here (just south of Haywards Heath) few rumbles of thunder mixed in.
  2. Wow, just let the cat in and this greeted me. I wasn’t expecting it to be this well covered so early.
  3. Evening all Nice day here, but breezy at work down by the coast but nothing major, just made it a bit nippy. Friday looks interesting! Wind is ok, but some nice snow would be better!!
  4. Gone very dark here, rain increasing. Wind still nothing notable... And we have thunder!
  5. Already had a very heavy shower with one very loud rumble. Looks like the next shower is just going to skirt to my north.
  6. Sun out here now. Hoping that will Heath things up and provoke some action later in the day.
  7. Once the heavy rain arrived the thunder stopped. Seems to be brightening up. Maybe something will kick off later??
  8. Wind is picking up now, been raining for most of the morning. Nothing of note yet, but certainly not pleasant outside!
  9. It's still quite hard to see how far inland the amber warning goes, especially when the wind icon covers so much of the area!
  10. Yes, my office faces the oversized fan! Although the thing is owned by the school next door. Rain has arrived here now!
  11. Winds have increased in the last 5 minutes, clouds moving quite quickly and can hear the wind howling round the building. Think I need to convince work that we need a weather station for educational purposes!
  12. Winds gusting here (not sure how strong, just going by looking at the daft wind turbine in the car park). Rain has cleared away from first thing but sky is still grey and generally horrible looking.
  13. Morning all, Wet and very windy here in Brighton. Quite high up here and getting the full force of the wind off the sea.
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