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  1. Shower to my north west now. It's really intensified in the last few moments and gone very dark towards north west London. Two CG's and one rumble of thunder.
  2. Storms seem to be passing either side of me here in SE24. There's currently one a few miles to my west with intermittent lightning. Heathrow bound planes flying below it.
  3. Lots of convection and some congestus cloud seen here in NW1 when I popped out for a coffee 20 mins ago. Even had a few spots of splodgy rain. Safe to say I reckon we'll being getting a thunderstorm here this afternoon seeing what's kicking off in Essex right now.
  4. Lightning in just about every direction here in SE24. Seems to have intensified in the last few moments. Barely any rain though. Cannot sleep. Ugh!
  5. Rumbles and lightning seen here in SE24 to my SW (and while I was at Sainsbury's in Dulwich). Sky's getting darker too. And it's now oppressively humid.
  6. Lightning is a lot more visible here now (to my SW - it seems to be intensifying) and the clouds look more menacing now (to my NW) but that may just be outflow from the anvil tops.
  7. Seeing distant flashes from these storms to my SW now. Splodgy rain just now but it seems to have stopped.
  8. Just saw a couple of faint flashes to my west here in Herne Hill (SE24). I guess that was from the Oxford cell.
  9. Some nice lightning from today's beast storm captured at the Pinkpop festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands... "Onweer" means "Thunderstorm".
  10. Dutch radio/TV presenter Michiel Veenstra presenting during that mega thunderstorm earlier at the Pinkpop festival in Heerlen, NL (not far from Aachen).
  11. Crikey. Poor cyclists being blown about in the wind. Very frequent lightning in that storm too!
  12. Distant flashes observed here in SE24. Absolutely caning it down at Downing Street on the news just now. Bone dry here though. (That won't last long I reckon). :-)
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