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  1. Thunder here in Redruth, and moderate snow
  2. Nice lot of snow in Wyoming at the moment http://webcam.rangefamily.net/~dubois/
  3. This webcam not too far from TR12 http://www.camsecure.co.uk/lizard_atlantic_house.html
  4. That storm has been in the same position for over an hour now. Don't want to move inland. Can hear thunder from where I am, 10 miles away , but it is sunny and warm at present
  5. Try this one http://bluesound.org/webcam
  6. Refresh the page. It seems to work for me
  7. I think it is as stoped assoon as it hit land, no thunder for 10 mins
  8. Several of flashes of lightning & rumbles of thunder here in Redruth during a blustery shower. Not overhead but just on the coast
  9. Yes very surprised at that. Still some on cars now in Redruth. Weather can be so strange at times