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  1. Never mind - there's always the next Easterly Another 10 day chart
  2. Everything looks like it's dying as soon as it nears the Channel, anyway.
  3. Just an overnight dusting would be a start. Maybe from that stuff further north in Wales *IF* it makes it!
  4. If nothing else, I swear I am going to "like " this cold armageddon into existence
  5. Yep at T96 the pattern has backed west by 100 miles or so. -6 850s touching South West Irish coast 18z 12z Horses for courses in a selective region but good overall
  6. You suit yourself. I'll be cracking out the STELLAS tonight. Snow within 4 days on that run:
  7. Surely it works both ways Roger. Macro and micro are intertwined and bound by the balancing Laws of Thermodynamics.
  8. Even with a slightly poorer earlier run (and it's just a variation on a theme, at this stage) - all signs lead to the freezer, eventually, anyway. That's why this upcoming pattern is looking so exciting: 240hrs: 288 hrs: Into FEB extreme LA LA land This is dreamland we might be about to enter.
  9. "Fred Carr, professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology, put it simply: "The longer the shutdown, the more it'll hurt us."" "In Jacobs' recent op-ed, the NOAA deputy administrator said, "development work on implementing this upgrade will continue following the end of the partial lapse in funding." In other words: it's held up by the shutdown." "The new code for FV3 was supposed to be in by the end of this month, Carr said, but "since the shutdown, final testing on that has been stopped and the new model implementation has probably been delayed."" https://www.businessinsider.com/government-shutdown-puts-us-behind-in-weather-forecasting-race-2019-1?r=UK&IR=T
  10. It's like the worst-case scenario runs are still going with a snow-fest. (albeit from a different direction) 06z Para