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  1. Working on a bank holiday? What do you do for your sins?
  2. Haha, had to look that up, only to realise I am a serial Grockle, myself! Learn something new everyday!
  3. Sorry to have to tell you this. But I'm afraid somebody appears to have vandalised your number plate.
  4. Heavier than anything I saw last night, the fat flakes are now fighting it out with the angel dust blowing off the roof from earlier.
  5. Right I'm going out...I may be some time...
  6. Starting to come down harder now - bigger flakes - all surfaces getting covered easily - WOW!!
  7. Oooh - intensifying just as it gets to Bristol
  8. Look at the angle of attack.,< talks to self> Bristol gonna get battered
  9. Riddle-me-reeee Bournemouth and Cardydd getting hammered, Stuck in the No zone
  10. Actually, most of tonight's stuff is going straight into Wales
  11. Looking at the radar I think we made tonight's sweet spot. It's pivoting through just North of Bristol. Elly, Jay and me are gonna do well!!
  12. I'm listening to Dire Straits so all hope is lost for me, anyway!
  13. What is that? Industrial fallout from Northern France?