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  1. Looked like a sting jet just north of Pleneuf and intensifying rain gone over Guernsey Jersey. What power towards the South Coast?
  2. Beautiful morning but doesn't stop the fact that this does not look like being a great time to be setting off for a long weekend down the caravan near Minehead!
  3. GFS 18z FI looking like an Indian Summer - almost. Quite toasty, autumn temps West to East getting cooler, but dry and fine. Eastern Europe down to the Balkans look like going into the fridge.
  4. Take the mean of them all and I'd be happy. (Self interest at play here as I have a south coast holiday coming up)
  5. Agreed on the bad apple in the basket. Looks like mild and probably on and off wet for the rest, though. Still, early September in the UK should be thus. A mixture of sunny and rainy but generally mild. Hoping Late September will bring some calmed down second harvest warmth (an Indian Summer would be a treat)
  6. I think you're right on the money, there. Literally. Still feels like a mild night out there in Bristol at just under 16C. Anything warmer than that at night gets me restless.
  7. Was thinking this year we'd get another Ottery Hailstorm. Not ruling it out yet..
  8. Beautiful clear skies here tonight in between clouds. Mars and Jupiter are stunning.
  9. Nice intensification over the Bristol channel - heading towards Newport and Cardiff
  10. It's a pretty good storm here. Seems to be intensifying as it reaches the Bristol Channel. Another night of bogus spherics, though!
  11. Been very pleasant here all day - hasn't risen above 22C. Much more preferable to yesterday's nonsense!
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