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  1. Ours does that - pretty unnerving when you're trying to sleep under it!
  2. yeah 18z model run puts the colder 850 layer air back but i think thickness of the air mass will pull out surprises from weds onwards.
  3. After the boxing day night surprise i wouldn't write this spell off. A hell of a lot more potential energy coiled up in this long-lasting low from a cold source. fun and games ahead. thursday storm troublesome, though. rules on snow are partially pared down when 850-1000 hectopascal layers are thinned out.. be prepared.
  4. it'll be a long drawn out affair, there'll be plenty of NW cold and in the end I think SM and TEITS will have called it right - easterly, but from a retrogressing scandi to greeny via arctic. Notwithstanding the fallout from this Noreaster bomb in the states. Aftermath of this calls chaos theory, wouldn't be surprised to see the arrival of Shannon Entropy into the next week's terminology.
  5. with every run that holds that line, reinforcements of colder air sneak in from the east. Of course the near term Ely won't deliver much at all, but the set-up is good.
  6. Further out at 192 cold uppers advancing more rapidly through Poland than 18z would have us believe:
  7. gfs 144 and S Murr vertical waa very much in play
  8. at 120 on gfs 00z stronger Bering/Alaska low the rest remains. upstream experts pls discuss may help pump arctic high..theoretical cfd, of course.
  9. Apologies if that came off like that, TEITS. Was genuinely excited to see what was coming. I love it when old hands ( I mean that affectionately!) like yourself puts pen to paper to show us your thoughts.
  10. .....waiting for TEITS drawing of seagulls be like...... Interesting high pressure at Pole and smashed vortex increasingly being modelled for near future.... 6z gfs 240 hrs
  11. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/us_comp/us_comp_big.html Near real-time view of "the bomb"