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    I am a 29 year old musician/songwriter and freelance writer from Southern England.
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  1. Foggy, cold, jacket on in the office. It begins! Roll on March.
  2. The most boring year of storms since last year concludes with barely a rumble. Nothing here yesterday.
  3. Even I can appreciate the changing of the seasons - I just hope Autumn/Winter is seasonal!
  4. Hope everyone got their top-up of Vitamin D, because that's it until April at least! Enjoy the dark months everyone:)
  5. Yesterday felt really damn warm - probably a combination of it actually being pretty damn warm and myself not being acclimatised to the heat after an utterly dreadful spring/summer. Today a touch warmer - got the bbq cleaned and out ready for after work, for the first and last time this year.
  6. Because it's not a cushty, comfortable, corporate office building. It's a metal box stuck onto a warehouse.
  7. Yep, I work in a tin/metal office, north facing on-top of an engineering warehouse with no heating. It's roasting hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.
  8. My favourite time of year is the start of May right through to probably the middle/end of July. My least favourite time of year is January. January feels like it has 300 days in it and goes on forever. Most of us are broke from the Christmas period. The weather is wet and windy and hovering around 10 degrees endlessly. November is my second least favourite month. Same as January really. Wet, windy and 10 degrees.
  9. Haha yeah, in the winter i'm usually sat here in thermals, jumpers, hoodies and a coat with a hot water bottle and fingerless gloves as it gets down to anywhere between 2-8 degrees in here. Just a t-shirt, longsleeve and a jumper today though and I'm just about managing now the windows are shut.
  10. True enough, though I think the vast majority of people would find it "uncomfortable" sitting at a desk in an office in less than say 16 degrees.
  11. freezing this morning. Colleague has all the windows in the office wide open because he struggles in temperatures of more than 10 degrees.
  12. *May and August. Autumn genuinely arrived in May this year - leaves began to turn and I saw a lot of fungus growth in the normal spots which usually wouldn't see anything until September earliest. We had Winter until March. One day of Spring and then Winter again through April, before Autumn arrived in May.
  13. I don't think so. What I am planning to do instead is go on more holiday's abroad (covid permitting).
  14. Please please please settled, sunny, mellow and atmospheric.
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