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    I am a 29 year old musician/songwriter and freelance writer from Southern England.
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  1. Christ alive, its the UK not death valley. We'll have months and months of rain to endure from late July until next May. Chill.
  2. Spanish Plumes in Summer. Everything else can do one.
  3. Been a very depressing Spring so far and we’re nearly half way through. Getting bored of having to have the heating on all the time.
  4. I only got my license in November. I imagine it would actually be fine on the main roads, but my housing estate turned into an ice rink and wasn't gritted etc. I was wheel-spinning and coming out of the driveway sideways. I just didn't feel it wise of me or safe to drive until the thaw proper.
  5. I have a RWD BMW. It's useless in ice/snow - admittedly, its probably still driveable to some extent, but I wouldn't risk it.
  6. We definitely had one here. I actually thought it was cold enough - had to de-ice my car loads and we had a right dumping of snow in February which rendered my car useless for the best part of 3 days. Think we also had a run of nights sub -5c
  7. Got a little excited reading the model thread yesterday when warmer weather looked in the offing. You can understand my disappointment when I looked this morning and saw a continuation of endless Winter was back.
  8. Wet and Windy. This grey nothingness a close second. Snow third.
  9. Out of pure spite, I might spend all of October-Jan this year in the model thread looking for signs of warmth and championing it.
  10. speak for yourself. Slate grey skies, wind, pouring rain and temperatures of 5-8 degrees don't personally do it for me.
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