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  1. Lots of altocumulus rolling in here. Was hoping anything holds off until dark as have a bbq this afternoon/evening and would love to be able to lay on the grass drunk pondering my life choices and watching a light show.
  2. Absolutely beautiful here and we haven’t even got going yet. Wonderful.
  3. I walked outside and the sun reflected off my white, pastey face and nearly blinded the neighbours. It’s been so long I’m unsure of the etiquette. Can I leave my winter coat in the house?
  4. Another dank, chilly, grey morning here. I’ve honestly forgotten what the sun looks/feels like
  5. Next week is looking like some kind of divine salvation. Even 20 degrees would feel baking after this utterly miserable period of weather.
  6. I get super bad hayfever, but this year it's noticeable by its absence. So far anyway.
  7. Yes, any sun and warmth looks fleeting. Our garden is dead. We brought a house with a new garden last year and decided to put turf down last July. It hasn't stopped raining since and it's just a boggy mess. Going to be tearing that up and patioing the entire thing i think.
  8. The 2nd half of last summer was dire. I remember getting home and taking a sweet photo of those incoming thunderstorms in July and then it reverted to drab right up until this very day. August has been utter balls since 2003 and is often bettered by September. August is also when i get my first autumn prangs.
  9. It's been the worst I can remember. The nicest weather we've had since like October was leading up to the first Beast when we had a few days of gin blue skies but it was like -8 or something in the wind. It's been the slowest start to spring I can recall. Usually, like clockwork almost, we get a few settled, anticyclonic 15 degree days around my birthday (March 12th) but we've had absolutely nothing here yet and all the spring growth is stunted. It's been mostly grey, wet and cold for as long as i can seemingly remember.
  10. For me, 25-28 degrees during the day and 18 degrees in the evening is the magic range. I do love the warmth but when we get above 28 degrees here it’s always muggy/humid and makes me feel like poop so I do sort of sympathise with those who aren’t fans of summer. Anyone enjoying the current weather however is a bit of a sadist IMO.
  11. From Winter straight into Autumn it seems.
  12. Slowest start to Spring I can remember for quite some time. I'm used to seeing the daffodils out in late Jan, but now its late March and they still aren't flowering. Depressing.
  13. Heavy snow here. Don't think it'll last too long as the band looks relatively thin and patchy.
  14. By and large I think they do a good job and I'm not one to bash them - i just think they can be a bit casual - in the forecasts i watched, they barely mentioned anything for my area. They DID highlight the south west and Scotland problems so kudos to them, but i have 2 feet drifts and an ice rink for an estate. The New Forest had the military called in. The BBC who get bashed a lot DID highlight the extensive area of all day snow for me, but because they get bashed on here for being s**t i didn't pay as much attention to them, when in-fact they were spot on.
  15. I do think they could perhaps sit on the fence a little less. When lives are at risk anyway. I mean if they went overboard with their warnings and it all came to nothing, sure, people would call them dramatic and OTT but at least *hopefully* no lives would be lost. If they had an inkling of the severity of the weather (they did) they should've issued the red warning earlier. It was left a little late. We have had trecherous conditions here and it reminds me a little of 2010 or 2009 i cant remember which when the Meto forecast a few snow flurries in the wind for Basingstoke area. It ended up snowing for 8 hours solid and my girlfriend got stranded in Festival place. They are capable of severely underplaying things. However the main problem is Joe Public is stupid. I warned a few people not to travel yesterday and they all regarded "Don't be over the top, we wont get anything." They all travelled and all got stuck. Not a lot you can do when people think they know better.