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  1. I definitely will for next year - completely broke currently. I'll just leave the car at home if there's snow/ice on the ground.
  2. I know right! plus i only passed my test in October so not really had much experience with adverse weather haha.
  3. If it does manage to snow in the next few weeks it'll be interesting for me as i'm starting a new job tomorrow and I have a BMW. The bad thing is, the office is less than a mile from my house so in theory I could attempt walking it, whereas before it was 20 miles away.
  4. One of the happiest days of the year today! in about 4 weeks I’ll notice the everso slight change, especially on sunny days.
  5. Azazel

    Winter 2018/19

    Haha don’t push me over the edge! im craving spring and summer, but as that’s not possible, I would like some dry and cold or snow please.
  6. Azazel

    Winter 2018/19

    Absolutely vile winter so far here IMO. Reminds me of the classics of 2014 and 2015. I struggle to recall a time when it hasn’t been pouring down with rain.
  7. I swear I read last week or at the weekend that this week would bring much colder air but dry and bright conditions? It's been nothing but ghastly so far.
  8. I like Fairytale of New York - especially on Christmas Eve when everyone is drunk down the pub. There's something about that Cavalry song and Simply having a wonderful Christmas time that i cannot stand.
  9. Azazel

    Winter 2018/19

    Yeah in my head I classify November as a Winter month. As of this year, it goes Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb,Mar - winter April, May - Spring June, July, first part of August - Summer 2nd part of August, September, October - Autumn.
  10. The freezing cold commute to and from work in the dark. The relentless gun-metal grey skies and lack of sunlight. The dangerous road conditions. The cessation of a number of outdoor activities. Not having any light in the evening to do anything outside. Increase in violent crime during extended dark hours. The increased heating bills when I'm already poor as it is. The mud. The reliance on artificial light gives me headaches. We're about to enter into a period of relentless fireworks until New Years Eve. Christmas. Christmas lasting 2 months. That awful "Stop the Cavalry" song. If a snow-grain falls anywhere in the South of England, it gives South Western Railway an excuse to shut down their service. Now let me finish by saying I do like certain things about Winter and I hope it snows on the run up to Christmas to make it feel festive, but January and February can absolutely do one when they get here.
  11. Azazel

    Hurricane Florence

    My friend is in Virginia and will be there for landfall. They're currently debating evacuating. I've told him not to take this thing lightly.
  12. It was nice and warm and dry. Probably the most thunderless period I can remember however.
  13. I'm off to St-Maxime in South France for a week on friday - anyone with an expert eye care to advise if I have a chance of seeing something?
  14. And today i got my first real Autumn "pang" - the light is slightly mellow out there.