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  1. absolutely hammering down here anyway - IF i was in the firing line, i doubt I would even notice the difference.
  2. I think storms are supposed to fire later this afternoon in central/northern france and move north east. I've read PJB's analysis on UKWW which is forecasting some very severe storms for France later.
  3. HIRLAM has main area of "interest" later this afternoon to the east of the IOW, moving up through London, into East Anglia then out over the North Sea. Same with GFS.
  4. My garden is flooded and parts of my neighbourhood are impassable.
  5. I expect changeable conditions off the Atlantic and yes rain. This is the moans thread is it not?
  6. One of the worst periods of weather in a long time here. Endless rain - like normally there’s often a lull of a few hours where it doesn’t rain and it’s just grey but it’s been raining heavily solidly here for around 48 hours. Estate is flooded, garden is flooded. Several car accidents . Park is a marshland.
  7. Essentially, it's currently around 15 degrees, grey, breezy and drizzling/raining on and off. Knock 4 degrees off that temperature and this will be 98 percent of the weather here until April.
  8. I know weather apps aren’t the best but they’re normally a somewhat reliable indicator of what’s happening at the time. its currently absolutely lashing down. I noticed them being extremely poor about a year ago. Wonder what happened.
  9. Yeah. People in Bodmin had to abandon their cars on the A30, right up through wiltshire, hampshire and into London. Bournemouth, Bristol and London all closed runways and airports. The M3 was virtually impassable and Basingstoke was buried. That's certainly widespread IMO.
  10. Yes. Generally like to have it somewhere around 22.
  11. I definitely have a Vitamin D deficiency as evidenced by recent bloodwork. Winter is a strange one for me. I often complain about it, but there are certain elements of it I love and when I think back to them I get super nostalgic. I never yearn for Winter in the summer months though like I do for summer in the winter months. I don't mind Winter until January, where i'm skint and there's nothing to do and I start looking forward to March. I love the idea of calm, cold, foggy nights with snow laying on the ground and being in a warm and toasty country pub with the log fire going getting drunk with friends, but that NEVER happens. It's maybe happened once or twice in my lifetime - especially pre Christmas. Most of Winter is 8-10 degrees, absolutely lashing down with rain and everything is absolutely soaked to the point my bones feel damp. I loathe that kind of weather - it's absolutely disgusting. I also hate windy weather because my hair can't handle it. An actually exciting Autumn/Winter storm would be cool, though maybe a slightly classless thing to wish for as it can cause damage and endanger lives, but it is a weather forum afterall and there is always some excitement when that happens. But yes, to answer the question - it's always dark, gloomy and wet.
  12. We've had very significant snow for the past two winters here in the south, ending our run of snowless winters between 2013-2017. Wouldn't mind seeing some of the white stuff before Christmas which is very rare, but after that it can do one.
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