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  1. A noisy night here, though I suspect our western facing bedroom made it sound worse than it was - however the wind was so loud I actually ended up dreaming about it and it pushed rain through the sealant on the double glazing.
  2. I cannot imagine living in the North West in England (weatherwise) so you have my sympathies:(
  3. I think you might be right. I just checked when walking the dog and there's always one tree that's well ahead of his peers and he does indeed have fat pinkish/purple buds on him. I'm putting money on a cold spring unfortunately. Northern blocking just in time.
  4. What a thoroughly pathetic and miserable winter this has been. Anecdotal of course but I can only recall scraping my windscreen once. I work in an office with no heating or air-con, so in the summer it's unbearably stuffy at times and in the winter it's usually freezing (sitting at a desk all day) - this winter really hasn't felt that bad at all in that respect. Finally, I'm STILL walking around my house in flip flops which is basically unheard of at this time of year - normally I would've upgraded to slippers long before now.
  5. I'm pretty sure there are some small buds on the tree in our back garden, which only lost the last of its leaves completely just before Christmas. Other larger looking buds on the blossom trees near the local park - not sure what trees they are though, but when they bloom, they produce bright pink blossom.
  6. Apparently we've gained around 25-28 minutes in the evenings here. I think I might notice it this weekend with the clearer/drier weather.
  7. Then no offence, but might I suggest reading comprehension? Knocker made a post saying he doesn't understand how people on here can wish for ice and snow (I'm speculating this is a weather type he is not keen on) Another user then made the comment (paraphrasing) that it's winter so there's absolutely nothing wrong with wishing for ice and snow (which I agree with). But for you to then come along like "BRAVO WELL SAID" and then whinge for the entire summer about how warm it is and how people are crazy for wanting hot weather and how unpleasant it is, is hilariously hypocritical. I also don't understand your "one rule for some, a different rule for others" comment because you get away with complaining from May-September and are free to do so.
  8. We are certainly due one:( It's my fear - especially if this Winter finishes up as mild as it has been.
  9. interesting looking squall on the radar. I predict an exciting five minutes at some point this evening.
  10. The next month or so is the most painful part! Seems to go sooooo slow and then once we hit March, even if it's an extension of Winter, I start getting really excited about spring and summer:D
  11. You personally spend every single day above 20 degrees from May-September moaning about how hot it is and then revel and rub "heat lovers" noses in it whenever it's cool and rainy and you're moaning about others doing the same in Winter. Remarkable.
  12. 1500 miles North west please:)
  13. Sun was out earlier and out of the breeze, it felt very pleasant and dare I say it, springlike? Normal service resumed this afternoon and it's pouring down now.
  14. I wear thermals until it gets to like 15 degrees C haha
  15. I agree. Not a cold fan as stated many many times haha, but I really don't mind cold weather so long as its bright, sunny and crisp. Would give anything for that right now!
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