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  1. Azazel

    Hurricane Florence

    My friend is in Virginia and will be there for landfall. They're currently debating evacuating. I've told him not to take this thing lightly.
  2. It was nice and warm and dry. Probably the most thunderless period I can remember however.
  3. I'm off to St-Maxime in South France for a week on friday - anyone with an expert eye care to advise if I have a chance of seeing something?
  4. And today i got my first real Autumn "pang" - the light is slightly mellow out there.
  5. Now summer appears to be over, I would give it a 7-8/10 I think. May-July was absolutely glorious, but August yet again proving to be an autumn month. Complete lack of storms made it very boring other than the wonderful heat we enjoyed.
  6. Most interesting driving lesson to date! Crawling along the A303 in zero visibility with lightning flashes.
  7. yep, everything propogating east - can see that lot over Jersey scraping the South East Corner later.
  8. Azazel

    What type of clouds are these please?

    Looks like Altocumulus to me.
  9. Another disappointment likely. this summer has been fantastic for heat but dreadful here for storms:(
  10. Fingers crossed they're on the money. That article is a little clickbait from the BBC though. A headline of it being hot until October followed up with a quote that says " It is likely to stay cooler throughout next weekend, he said, with "no real sign of any return of the heat that we have been seeing over the recent days". " right.
  11. Azazel

    Autumn 2018

    August is when I get my first Autumn/Winter 'pang' - usually due to the subtle change in light level/angle of the sun. Wonder what date it will be this year.
  12. Azazel

    Autumn 2018

    I'm quite odd I guess in a way because I like Summer the most - during Winter I absolutely yearn for the long warm days of Summer - but although I feel a twinge of sadness come on at the onset of Autumn, I still really enjoy it. The sights, the sounds and the smells are all super nostalgic for me. There are few things better than a warm autumn day with that fruitful mellowness you get. I even enjoy Winter up until the turn of the year. January and February can get in the sea though. Worst two months of the year.
  13. Azazel

    Autumn 2018

    Hopefully warm until next May when it switches back to hot.
  14. I do hope if we get a cold winter there will be a thread where we can moan about that.