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  1. After seeing some of the posting going on in here and other threads this summer, I’m going to dedicate my time to moaning all throughout the winter and celebrating when snow fails to materialise. I bet I get shot down pretty quick.
  2. Yep big towers going up now all around.
  3. Driving lesson this afternoon. torrential rain will make a change from blinding sunlight searing my retinas off I guess.
  4. Hardly anything good to say? I said it was a lovely first half for sunshine and heat. What more do you want from me? my feeling/worry is this will be just like last year with a front loaded summer, then autumn from July until February with winter appearing in March briefly.
  5. Looks like autumn will arrive in late July as it did last year. Lovely first half of summer it was though for sunshine and heat. Rubbish for storms in my area apart from one evening in April. I’ll give it a 6/10.
  6. Speak for yourself - a plume or ten would be delightful.
  7. Indeed. This is the ONLY thing I dislike about the heat and that’s trying to sleep. sleep is overrated though so hopefully this continues - I wouldn’t begrudge you guys some cooler nights though.
  8. Nah it’s lovely. i have to commute two hours each way every day using our laughable public transport system. My train home has been delayed every single evening by up to 2 hours at one point. I have to then sit on the floor between carriages with no air con because there’s nowhere to sit. my hayfever has been off the charts the last few weeks and I’m constantly a sticky mess. i still love it though and want it to stay until the end of September.
  9. I also am yet to see any dead birds. it was hot before, it will be hot again. Nature will do what it wants. i find it bizarre how members on a forum designed for weather enthusiasts complain when the weather is anything but benign. Why are you on a weather forum?
  10. Some of us just like warmth and heat. I don't sit in the winter chat threads gfuqhgfpjhing all season long about how cold it is and how "selfish and immature" those who enjoy bitingly cold weather are. Coming in here daily and reading posts from users praying for the demise of Summer is really starting to tick me off.
  11. long may the heat continue. This is what summer is supposed to be all about.
  12. most depressing day of the year for me. Can't believe it's here already:*( Fingers crossed for sustained warmth/heat until end of September.
  13. Some big, hard looking convection here away to the south east. Surprised it’s so quiet.
  14. Not the most prolific for lightning, but August 2013 produced a cell here with wonderful structure. we went up Kingsclere downs to get a better view of a cell rumbling away to our north east, but after about half an hour we could hear rumbling coming from behind the hill to our south west. we climbed up the hill and the thing looked truly menacing. Probably the closest thing to a supercell I’ve ever seen (apart from an actual supercell in france a few years back). once it moved over the top of us, the hail curtain moving in looked like something out of a horror movie and there were some very close lightning strikes and flashes as I legged it back to the car. here are some photos.
  15. Just had a quick look - two areas of potential interest for me today for some sharp convective showers with sporadic lightning and high rainfall totals possible.