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  1. I’ve just got a feeling on my waters that we’ll have some record cold this year. Then again I’ve said that before - just please not as wet as last year!
  2. A beautiful spell of weather here comes to an end tomorrow. I will stick my neck out and say we won’t see 20+ degrees again until April 2021. I hope for everyone’s sanity we get a cold/snowy winter this year because it’s really going to be a struggle mentally with everything going on.
  3. I wouldn't mind this - but chances are it'll be wet and windy most of the time.
  4. Ahhh yes crane flies. The ones that are always flying around the kitchen with legs missing etc
  5. Yeah daddy long legs are ok, they’re just stupid and fly into your forehead and stuff. There’s just something about house spiders - their long ‘bony’ legs - eurghhhh. I’ve held a tarantula with no issues though - they’re kind of soft and furry like a hamster - so it must be something to do with the body shape that gets under my skin.
  6. It does seem to work in my experience. When I lived at home with my parents, it was an old house and I used to get big spiders in my room during the autumn. One year I put conkers around and peppermint spray I think it was and I didn’t see a single one that season. This big boy was on the back of the toilet door. Too big for me to catch on this occasion so I had to enlist my partner. She used to kill them but I’ve made her catch them humanely and put them in the garden - though on this occasion she doesn’t seem to have put it very far away from the back door.
  7. I've never loved Winter, but there are elements of it I get nostalgic for. Unfortunately, times have changed since those days and with the global pandemic, I think this winter will be extraordinarily challenging. When I think back, I think of the run-up to Christmas - gathering in the local pub with the log-fire on, everyone in Christmas jumpers with ice/fog outside and being able to see your breath in the air on a still night. I think of having a hot-chocolate or cup of tea while playing MW2 or Black Ops 1 while the snow falls outside and everyone is online. The rare sight of a sunset casting golden light onto frosted trees and grass. The "smell" of Christmas? The sound of your shoes crunching in the snow and the muffled calmness snowfall seems to bring. Now for the bad: Not technically winter, but Bonfire night and the week surrounding it - fireworks are so lame and so annoying - plus they scare the s**t out of my dog. The endless wind and rain - everything is damp. The mud. The return of the fireworks around NYE. The Christmas rotation on the radio. Stop the Cavalry The fact it's always so dark and gloomy. I always get sick just in time for Christmas - completely missed the last one with my family because I was bedridden. Christmas dinners are genuinely quite awful. TV is terrible. Only so many times I can watch Jurassic Park.
  8. Yes, the issue with UK winters in the south is lack of variety and basically 8 months of today's weather. Wet, dark and disgusting.
  9. Another abysmal storm season here begins to draw to a close. We seem to be back in the 2007-2012 era for storms in my location. I’m not going to pin any hope on September delivering any goods - I seem to see more lightning in December than July/August these days.
  10. And just like that - just shook out a towel to get in the shower and a decent sized blighter lands on the bathroom floor. Managed to trap him and put him in the garden though and then pegged it inside haha.
  11. Autumn is also the season of giant massive f**k-off spiders. I am absolutely petrified of spiders, but I will try and remove them humanely by trapping them in a glass (I sweat so much doing this I need a sit down after) - if it takes me by surprise though as they have a tendency to do, then all bets are off.
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