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  1. Another newspaper - same story - http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/11295561.VIDEO___Mini_tornado__caught_on_camera_in_Barrowford/
  2. I think this newspaper has taken things a little too far: http://www.burnleyexpress.net/news/weird/video-tornado-hits-barrowford-1-6689705
  3. A raise of 20cm at Chatham Island but that drop of 1.5m is quite impressive http://www.ioc-seale...n.php?code=chit You have to remember it's not quite clear how some of this data is taken, if its a 1 minute average every 10 minutes, then you could be introducing aliaising issues.
  4. Yeah http://tidesonline.nos.noaa.gov/ Also New Zealand http://geonet.org.nz/images/tsunami/gauges/tg/gauge.png This website also maybe of use http://www.ioc-sealevelmonitoring.org/station.php?code=kahu
  5. Mondy - I think the tide gauge that recorded that was in an earthquake hit area. Just watching TV and all the eyes are on Hawaii, however looking at live tidal data from California, the fluctuations in height there are much more obvious. Be interesting to see how long it takes for the press to notice this one. Been working for a long time, 7 days a week on a hectic job in the middle east so back in the UK on a well earned break but now finding myself shouting at the TV. The press both UK and American, really have no idea what a tsunami is or what they are looking for. Also be interesting to
  6. Cotterill has left the Clarets by mutual consent. He could become Leicester's new manager in time for the match between us on Saturday. We've not being playing to potential at a time when this league could be any body's so in a way I'm hoping that someone who can get the most out of a good squad can help us progress this season. No excuse for not beating Sheffield United btw - poor management and nothing to do with "a team like Burnley", you should have been happy with the draw and the fact our ex-manager was unable to motivate the team ;-)
  7. Our win was an excellent Birthday present.
  8. Watch out Baggies - Burnley are back. After 19 games and no wins, its 3 wins on the trot including Brum. Firstly we've Leeds to send down on Saturday. How things have changed. Look who I flew up to Manchester with last Monday, I've been accused of spiking their drinks given I was wearing my Burnley shirt at the time.
  9. It was funny especially when we beat them in November. However, we haven't won a game since then so maybe I shouldn't have laughed.
  10. We had our annual christmas and new year slump. Don't spoil the fun At least we beat Norwich 4-1 for you, you should be full of thanks http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blush.gif
  11. At least ban me when Burnley aren't in the cursed third spot (i.e. Saturday )
  12. Hello Oon http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif
  13. Wasn't optimistic today but how we didn't win is beyond me, even Sky said it was a good game.
  14. First defeat of the season for us. At least Plymouth are still beneath us.
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