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  1. Fantastic chase day. Hard work but paid off in the end. Had some fun with hail and 2 close calls with lightning also which other have video of. Few pics from me that dont do the supercell justuce before I head to bed.
  2. John Hanrahan

    IMG 0949

    From the album: `24-05-13

  3. John Hanrahan

    IMG 0948

    From the album: `24-05-13

  4. John Hanrahan

    IMG 0947

    From the album: `24-05-13

  5. John Hanrahan

    IMG 0946

    From the album: `24-05-13

  6. Gutted I cant be with you all today. Had boarding passes printed and passport with me ready to go yesterday, but unavoidable work stuff made me miss the flight... which wasnt cheap. My first time to miss a stormchase event in 5 years! Enjoy guys! Someone have a cold beer or 10 for me.
  7. I'm thirty four now fat boy!Dave / Nick, if you could bring what you've got I would be grateful. Although my tent would fit in my Ryanair hand luggage allowance I'm pretty sure the poles / pegs could be classed as weapons. I have shared tents / rooms with Paul before and based on experience I think its best everyone sleep at least 50 ft from him.
  8. Which site were you trying to view a stream from? Will see whats behind it and test on my mac? What browser, Safari.. something else?
  9. LOL Ian. BTW, your probably missing Silverlight for you Mac for some of the streams. I know severe studios player is Silverlight based.
  10. Up Kilkenny! GOAN the Cats!

  11. Up Kilkenny! GOAN the Cats!

  12. John Hanrahan

    Lackford cgs

    WOW. Just WOW. I Would pay for a high res of this. The apparent symmetry is amazing.
  13. Discovery Science doing extreme weather Docs all day

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      what time John

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