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  1. 2 years ago today. VID_20180301_223426531.mp4 VID_20180301_204102341.mp4
  2. No snow here yet, I'll let you know if it does.
  3. I'll let you guys know if it snows here I live just over Caerphilly mountain so should have a chance.
  4. Well I hope you all get a decent covering! I'm not bitter like some of the people in certain threads. Look forward to the pics.
  5. Sorry to intrude, what does it mean if the precipitation is further north? Looking good for you guys tonight.
  6. Don't worry mate even if it did snow it'd melt quickly. Alot of people are getting their hopes up even though they're saying sleet and wet snow to low ground. Hopefully a nice warm spring to come.
  7. Well it's all north of Caerphilly going off the met office warnings and even if it does snow it'll be 1cm max on low ground.
  8. Glad I didn't stay up last night, tonight looks interesting.
  9. When can we expect snow showers? Can't see any hitting us.
  10. What's going on tomorrow night? No snow forecast.
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