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  1. Jayfromcardiff

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm back, will it snow in Cardiff? Probably not this winter.
  2. Really windy today, off to cape Verde tomorrow for a week to cool off in the pool!
  3. Load of rubbish lol, clouds breaking now. Met office covering themselves again.
  4. Anyone seen any lightning yet? Nothing here but rain.
  5. Rain has started here, expect the thunderstorms to start soon, very humid.
  6. Looks like fun after 4pm, glad I'm off work and don't have to drive in it!
  7. Looks like a good week of weather coming up! Cardiff City promoted and Swansea relegated!
  8. Looks like moving further north and being nearly 100m absl will benefit haha. As long as it doesn't snow tomorrow then I'm happy.
  9. Jayfromcardiff

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Yep I saw that, they're going for above 300m mainly. Hope the snow and rain stays away this week as I'm moving into my first house on Friday and could do with it staying dry. On the plus side I'll be moving to Thornhill which is nearly 100m absl which helps during snow events.
  10. Any snow can stay away for the next week, moving into my first house on Friday. Doesn't look like we're going to see any.... one positive is I'll be nearly 100m absl so should help during marginal events lol.
  11. Surprised we had more snow last night, Must've had another 1-2 inches after I fell asleep. I expect the majority to thaw today.
  12. Jayfromcardiff

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    John Hammond has tweeted that South Wales and SW England will be hit badly tonight by snow as they've underestimated the developments from the SE.
  13. So are we expecting weather warnings to be issued again for heavy snow?