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  1. I agree, bit of a petty post towards you. Didn't know Netweather had phone police haha.
  2. Not sure it's going to settle here though, typical the only time I don't want snow as we're having a new boiler fitted tomorrow lol.
  3. Hi all, hope everyone had a good summer. Been busy for me as I bought my first house - no longer will it snow in Cardiff lol, moved just outside.
  4. Will it snow in Caerphilly? Bought a house just over the mountain so no more will it snow in Cardiff lol
  5. Not worth mentioning, seems like you just totally ignored the high amounts in Scotland
  6. Same here I suppose that's the pointless thing about having a small amount of snow without it being topped up or really cold weather following it.
  7. Drip drip lol. Enjoyed it anyway decent snowfall.
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