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  1. is wishing all her Netweather.tv friends going Monsoon chasing in Arizona an excellent time. May you get much... http://t.co/7VkeqB3

  2. might get a storm this afternoon/evening. Fingers crossed.

  3. is having a bad week and could really do with a nice storm. Will be very lucky if I get one today but you guys... http://fb.me/15sP5KskY

  4. The pup. She could be a tornado the havoc she causes!!! http://fb.me/XFAusPPY

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Is she a border terrier ? it looks like mine did 15 months ago....

    2. TornadoJo


      Yorkshire terrier n she's called Millie :)

    3. duckeyh


      she is very very cute

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  5. is appologising for the lack of updates recently. New puppy = busy TJ!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Pictures please !!

    2. TornadoJo


      Yorkshire Terrier. Will see if I can upload a pic to my profile.

    3. TornadoJo


      There's a pic for you now x

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  6. Want to know if there's storms in your area, Check your local forecast and join the chat -... http://fb.me/13Ij4ybtD

  7. is hoping for some storms today. Could be anywhere in the Uk again, but the weather is looking particulaly bad for Scoland :(

  8. is looking at the potential for storms over the uk for the next few days. I think anyone could get lucky :D

  9. was not impressed by Tornado Road at all!

    1. Harry


      I actually quite liked it...lots of really decent footage...what I hated about it was ALL the bloody adverts!!!

    2. vortex_liam


      good footage, crappy people

    3. Mesoscale


      plus its not a new series either.

  10. has her 100th twitter follower. Thanks to @StormhuntersAT :D

  11. As mentioned on the 27th. Tomorrow night - Discovery Channel :Dhttp://fb.me/VcMD2f5X

  12. is expecting more storms for those of you in the east.

    1. Eugene


      Yes those of you in eastern europe ;)

  13. hopes everyone who got their storms yesterday enjoyed them. WOnder how long we'll have to wait for another?

  14. is happy this storm has been going on for over an hour now.

  15. is wondering who will be #tornadojo's 100th follower......

  16. Heads up - Tornado Road, Next Monday @ 10 on Discovery channel.

  17. thinks its still looking good for later. Storms. Yay.

  18. Is excited. Severe storms tomorrow. Central England and then the south east later in the evening. Take care and enjoy :)

  19. One from some of my fellow uk chasers. Excellent stuff. Had me in stitches. http://fb.me/IJuIGVXX

  20. and a website update to celebrate!! tornadojo.co.uk

  21. has her fingers crossed touching wood for Mon/Tues. Wouldn't it be nice if it all shifted forward so sunday was in... http://fb.me/XBX3Q1X3

  22. is keeping an eye on the charts for Monday and Tuesday. Pretty unbelievable CAPE and LI, especially for the SE of the UK.

  23. Hurricanes tonight on natures fury :)

    1. jimbo36


      what time and channel?

  24. And storms tomorrow fingers crossed!



      I hope so ,Jo, its been years since we have had a really good storm here!!

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