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  1. , oh such tempestuous weather!

  2. Live Weather Footage Of The Winter Storm - Courtesy of WeatherEvents - Netweather.tv http://t.co/yMCeu6Et

  3. storm chaser Criminal Minds on this Friday on living.

  4. Holidaymakers run for cover as tornado rips through Welsh caravan park http://t.co/675PV2jH

  5. Lots of tornado reports today, Heaton, Darwen and Breighton unconfirmed.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Probably being thick here, but are these reports from the UK?

    2. Isolated Frost
  6. I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Storm Chase 2011" http://t.co/KT29iQNU

  7. I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/a5kFLim8

  8. Military Jet Being Transformed from 'Tank Killer' to 'Storm Penetrator' http://t.co/y0EaIECo

  9. Nothing stops a chaser chasing! http://t.co/oqFSNn6w

  10. has to sleep now. Very happy with my virtual Chase though. Got myself a few tornados :D

  11. is virtual chasing tonight. Imaginary me is loitering in Lawton right now.

  12. is looking forward to some potential storms a bit later. Who's been lucky enough to have a storm already today?

    1. wimblettben


      errrr zero luck. Better get something later!!! (grinds teeth hard)

    2. Dorsetbred
  13. survived her first half term as a student teacher. Just on in time to celebrate - Storm Chasers New Series tonight 10pm Discovery Science.

  14. +laptop+internet+hdmi+HDtv= Best episode of Storm Chasers Ever + one v.happy jo :D

  15. is so happy. Just found the new series of Discovery Storm Chasers online.

  16. would like to say a big thank you to her car STORM who has served her well these past ten years. We've shared... http://t.co/1lGPylAw

  17. is wondering who will get the storms this weekend???

  18. Hurricane Irene New York: Economic Damage Could Be Huge http://t.co/HifRc7L

  19. is filled with envy. The Netweather.tv team witnessed this yesterday. Maybe I'll join you next year. :Dhttp://t.co/uFoqdI8

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