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  1. The pup. She could be a tornado the havoc she causes!!! http://fb.me/XFAusPPY

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    2. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Is she a border terrier ? it looks like mine did 15 months ago....

    3. TornadoJo


      Yorkshire terrier n she's called Millie :)

    4. duckeyh


      she is very very cute

  2. is appologising for the lack of updates recently. New puppy = busy TJ!

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    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Pictures please !!

    3. TornadoJo


      Yorkshire Terrier. Will see if I can upload a pic to my profile.

    4. TornadoJo


      There's a pic for you now x

  3. is wondering if any of you have any pics you'd like to put here? http://www.flickr.com/groups/bbcbang/

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Would love to but my Laptop has been broken by the kids and all my images are on there - Boo!!!!!!

    2. Tom Lynch
    3. TornadoJo


      Thats really rubbish. I hope it can be fixed!

  4. was not impressed by Tornado Road at all!

    1. Harry


      I actually quite liked it...lots of really decent footage...what I hated about it was ALL the bloody adverts!!!

    2. vortex_liam


      good footage, crappy people

    3. Mesoscale


      plus its not a new series either.

  5. has done a bit on the website today. Few new links and some re-organisation. Let me know what you think. TJ x

    1. dogs32


      love the countdown ..you nicker..LOLOL

    2. dogs32


      looking good

    3. TornadoJo


      Yeah - I liked that but I don't like the skin. May have to distroy and re-build. Feel free to nick stuff from me :)

  6. is trying to work out where to *chase* today...

    1. Nick F

      Nick F

      Not an easy choice, but I would target SE Oklahoma for today ...

    2. TornadoJo


      Yeah - I agree. I was thinking SE OK - just north of the texas border.

    3. Nick F

      Nick F

      Either that or chasing linear stuff developing along cold front further NW across central OK and KS. Maybe better chance to see a tornado over SE Oklahoma into Arkansas.

  7. is back from florida with some good lightening footage. Now time to find out how to upload to youtube and FB.

    1. Mesoscale


      Cant wait to see that! :)

    2. dogs32


      where is the link Jo

  8. is wondering if she should buy snow boots yet?

    1. andy_leics22


      Would be a bit risky if we had a week of snow and then nothing else for the rest of Winter LOL.

    2. TornadoJo
  9. followed an american recipie for 30 cupcakes at the weekend. I have 60!! Of course I shoulda seen that coming!

    1. Tom Lynch

      Tom Lynch

      I too followed a recipe for chocolate cookies. It said flour was optional. So I left it out, only to find out the optional was brown or white. ooops . i ended up with a dish of liquid which looked nothing at all like cookies

    2. TornadoJo


      Thats sooo funny!!

  10. Lots of tornado reports today, Heaton, Darwen and Breighton unconfirmed.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Probably being thick here, but are these reports from the UK?

    2. Isolated Frost
  11. Yay - storm. N There me me thinking it was getting dark (maybe wishing the day away) n them boom with a lovely flash and torrential rain. Surprise or what!

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Yay 1 v 0 To The Sherman - It's going to be a good year Jo - Lightning, Hail Mammatus the works

    2. TornadoJo
  12. is looking forward to some potential storms a bit later. Who's been lucky enough to have a storm already today?

    1. wimblettben


      errrr zero luck. Better get something later!!! (grinds teeth hard)

    2. Dorsetbred
  13. is very busy at the moment, but never too busy for this! http://fb.me/x0yn5VtL

    1. duckeyh


      that was an awesome link

    2. ian cameron

      ian cameron

      great vid the only shame is he did not get swept into it that man really gets on my nerves

  14. is expecting more storms for those of you in the east.

    1. Eugene


      Yes those of you in eastern europe ;)

  15. cannot believe Being Human put Zombies in it!! WHY?!?!?!?!?! I HATE zombies!!!

    1. keithlucky


      They ruining it Frankenstien next lol.

  16. How's your snow?

    1. Mesoscale


      i have a good 4 inches!

  17. is sad to hear of the passing of fellow chaser Andy Gabrielson. Sending my thought to hisfamily andfriends.

    1. Purplepixii


      yeah I heard about that last night - very sad :-(

  18. hmm....

    1. Dorsetbred


      Is that Hmm as in hmm, or hmm as in HMM?

  19. is wondering if you will be happy or sad if it rains on the day of the royal wedding and why?

    1. Neilsouth


      I hope it pours down

  20. is kinda happy the precip she has been watching all day has finally landed. Perhaps a little snow for some this evening for some after all.

    1. lindy2017


      looks like it for me gwent

  21. stayed in Decatur last night. Driving up to Amirillo today. You all know what that means..... BIG TEXAN here we come!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Sha la la lala lalala !!

  22. is wondering how the royal wedding will affect the cost of her flights.

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Jo if you have not booked your flight yet fly out with us on the 28th - We will look after you with a few drinks in a bar

    1. duckeyh


      I've seen news footage where you see the windows being blown in...nasty

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