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  1. So if you're vitual chasing where would you chase today? NW Oklhoma for me.
  2. Looking forward to it. Not sure i'll make it for six but will be there as soon as I can x
  3. is wondering if there are any journalists out there willing to answer some questions about being a journalist from a group of enthusiastic 8 & 9 year olds?

  4. I have a family christening to go to this weekend - of all weekends!!. Why did my family decide to have so many babies this year? There will be four of them by this point!
  5. N I'd be yelling at everyone to get in the cars now! LOL @ Tour 2 2010
  6. can see some hints (well up to 7cm) of snow on the charts for friday, currently. Could change but just in case, be aware.

  7. 's jocast: Biterly cold with the occassional snow flurry :(

  8. is kinda happy the precip she has been watching all day has finally landed. Perhaps a little snow for some this evening for some after all.

    1. lindy2017


      looks like it for me gwent

  9. Andy Gabrielson Tribute Video http://t.co/3x6CsCBO

  10. TornadoJo

    Spot The dog.

    From the album: Snow 2012

    © Tornadojo

  11. TornadoJo

    Oh dear!

    From the album: Snow 2012

    © Tornadojo

  12. TornadoJo

    Millie Playing.

    From the album: Snow 2012

    © Tornadojo

  13. From the album: Snow 2012

    © Tornadojo

  14. is sad to hear of the passing of fellow chaser Andy Gabrielson. Sending my thought to hisfamily andfriends.

    1. Purplepixii


      yeah I heard about that last night - very sad :-(

  15. How's your snow?

    1. Mesoscale


      i have a good 4 inches!

  16. is currently virtual chasing up the I44. Started in Wachita falls. Nice lunch at i-hop (spinish and mushroom... http://t.co/fQDW6IvC

  17. In loving Memory of my nephew Max. Forever an angel.

    Please can you help my sister raise awareness of this... http://t.co/G2EamcWq

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