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  1. Staffordshire but only a couple of miles away from Derbyshire border, sorry!
  2. I have to say I couldn't contain my excitement last night, running about like a two year old & this morning, wow loved it. Popped out in the car to drive further into Derbyshire, lots of cars turning back but we kept going! Parked up & had a couple of hours walk, looking at all the animal tracks from last night & guessing the nights story from the prints. Got a pocket full of chocolate & just enjoyed the white sparkly beauty of it all.
  3. Interminable rain now turned to snow, I know, it won't last long or probably won't settle however it's lifted my VERY low spirits just to see it out of the window on another dull day.....................
  4. Hooray! Enjoy it, it must have travelled up country!
  5. Well, don't be envious as it's now been replaced with dank, wet, cold yeuk & not a snow flake to be seen as per usual of late.......... I knew it was short lived but that's ridiculous!!
  6. Morning all, just shows how desperate for snow i've become because as I drove from home ( nr Tutbury) to work (Tamworth) & those lovely white crystals fell from the sky I couldn't stop grinning! I know it won't last etc etc but, all the same, it's so nice to see & it's still snowing on & off now, cheered me up no end. Trying not to think it's very temporary...................
  7. How awful & so very sad to hear, as fellow horse lover & animals in general, that must have been heartbreaking for you. This is the other side of the relentless rain, not just depressing for us snow lovers but lives have been lost, it isn't just lack of snow. I look out over a paddock & the horses have had to be moved as it's a bog. Surely it has to stop raining soon, it will be the lambs soon, they can cope with cold but not the wet.
  8. I couldn't agree with you more! I really am at the end of my tether, the leaden skies really do weigh me down, especially driving to work (where i'm hoping not to have to go to when a major snow event occurs) And I'm sick of people saying " well, it could be worse, it could be snowing" or " I don't want it to snow i've got to go & see uncle Fred this Saturday" Blah, blah ......... How could this weather we are having be worse! Maybe it's that some of us are more affected by grey skies than others but snow & frost aren't just beautiful to look at, it's exciting to have the change.
  9. I'm living in hope for February, my birthday month & I do often get the best present for me, snow! I won't be writng Feb off, it's too far ahead to say otherwise I reckon! Things change on a sixpence...........
  10. Me too! The bulbs are coming up, particularly the snow drops & that's a real welcome sight BUT I really want some good snow events, frosts etc FIRST as it feels 'backwards' that spring shows signs before winter has bitten. I'm always optimistic for snow in February because that's the month historically for it. Here's hoping!
  11. Wow, thank you for these pictures! I've never seen anything like it. I'm envious of you, it must have been breathtaking.
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