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  1. There are days that I really wish I lived back home in Biggin....at least i'd see more than a few flakes. 😂 As a tribute to better years gone by, a photo of the Main Road passing Biggin Hill Airport many, many years ago. I was but a nipper, but I can still remember it. PS...that's a standard bus stop sign.....
  2. Wow....just had the strongest sustained winds I think I've ever seen or heard here. No squall line on the radar either, but I've never seen an entire road of lampposts move 2-3 feet each way.... And it looks like something landed on the overheads for the Greater Anglia rail route near Harold Wood...regular 2-3 second bright flashes as they tried to re-energise the lines. As a train driver, I'm so glad I'm not working tonight
  3. What the hell....thought we would be getting more marginal here, but it's chucking it down again! Happy bunny!
  4. Big flakes back in Romford now....humanity doing it's thing by panic buying milk and bread in the local shop
  5. Not the best quality pics, but that's the most snow I've seen in Romford for at least 6 years. Nice to see And the bathroom window was my bleary eyed first clue that something had happened this morning
  6. Still clinging on to light but persistent snow in Romford. About an inch on the garden table, which was a surprise as I thought this was more likely to transition to snow in the evening and overnight! Part of me is old enough now to still be thrilled at snow falling, but slightly unamused that I've got to drive my train in it tomorrow. And I don't think it's likely we'll get the magic 8 inches somehow (no dirty comments!)
  7. Just had what I can only describe as a short spell of incredibly fine snow here in Romford....settling readily on cars but melting as soon as it stopped. Bodes well for later, hopefully
  8. Can confirm big flakes of snow in Romford a few mins ago.....still quite dependent on intensity at the moment, but good signs
  9. Not a complete bust here.....just on the eastern fringes. Sounds like the sweet spot was north and south of London. Congrats to all to have a dusting or more.....not jealous at all Time for bed now
  10. With regards to the precip type radar, I agree that it is fallible. However, I've been under a variety of green and pink tonight and still have the sum total of bog all. Have to admit though, currently showing sleet on the radar and it's making a moderate attempt at snowing. Too little too late though....everything is soaked and the fact the drainpipes are going is not improving my mood either Nevermind though.....glad there's at least some decent snow around for other members. Stops the winter from being a complete bust at least
  11. Well, Romford has light snow, but nowhere near enough intensity to settle properly. Maybe a slight dusting on the roof, but just dampening everything else down. From what I can tell on the precip type radar, it seems the sleety band has pushed NW as this load has come south. Not impressed, but then I haven't had decent snow down here in all the time I've been here.
  12. Astounded here.....can't believe it's settling almost everywhere except here. Just heavy enough to make everything wet. I miss living in Biggin Hill
  13. Spoken to mother back in the hometown of Biggin Hill.....settling snow and has been for a while Here in Romford, I don't have about 600ft of height advantage...odd flake falling here and there but nothing to speak of...watching that main band with anticipation
  14. I count 4 new cells incoming from the South Coast according to the 0030 radar...these seem to be tracking north rather than NNE as the first wave did...
  15. Quite a strange storm as it passed over Romford....initially lots and lots of close C-G lightning, but as it passes to the NE it seems to be mostly C-C now. I'm greedy and hoping for more tonight, but that was one of the most powerful, constant (10-15 visible strikes a minute) storms i've ever seen....still got goosebumps!