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  1. Hmm....annoying and confusing. Pretty much all areas around Romford have reports of settling snow. Maybe not much, but settling all the same. Here, it's settled on car windscreens as a slushy mess. I hate winter sometimes ?
  2. Very light flakes in Fenchurch St....if it can snow here, then......?
  3. So given that this was meant to be an overnight job....has this front sped up and is ahead of schedule? Or have we got more to come from backbuilding/stalling?
  4. Snow just started in Barking.. took it's time, but pretty rapid transition when it did.
  5. Final bit of Thames assisted intensification here in Romford....not heavy by any means, but persistently covering the roads again!
  6. Nick L just in the Kent thread....latest EC gives 2-5 CM across the SE by midnight! ?
  7. See Rao has thrown his hat into the ring with some usual, conservative forecasting. I apologise in advance for dirtying this thread with a Daily Express link.... https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/925413/UK-snow-weather-snow-storm-Emma-forecast-Thursday-Friday-latest
  8. Apparently pretty bad...even in Romford I've probably caught another cm or two, and the main road, even though busy, has been covered again... Funny thing...but the radar must be a bit tetchy today.....I've been under no echoes of any note, but it was certainly coming down a few minutes ago. That pulse just south of you looks like it'll veer NW around you, but if the band currently affecting South Essex holds together, it may have your name all over it...
  9. You're welcome No such lofty ambitions here.....I just love snow, and like to know how bad a day at work I'm going to have in advance....today is not looking great at the moment It's an evil situation....love the snow, but not too keen on driving trains in blizzards. I dodged a bullet yesterday with failures all around me...might not be so lucky today
  10. Depends...if it dumps over 8 inches, then it's the best.... Anything less, and I have to try and drive a sledge on metal rails that weighs anything between 157 tons and 475 tons....and that wasn't fun today But yes.....the snow loving child in me hopes we get absolutely ruined by what's coming....
  11. Home after chaos on the rails again.....train failures and points problems aplenty today. If the HIRLAM grabs are correct, the worst is yet to come....you'd think that some warnings would be extended already though, given that it already visible in the Channel....
  12. I'm not a forecaster (beyond radar watching and saying "it's going to snow!", but NW short range model is showing the Thursday/Friday event heading more towards Ireland? Hope I've just misread it, but that's a hell of a change compared to the current amber/yellow warnings for most of southern England....
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