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  1. Gusts are an odd thing; they can indeed be very localised, making it difficult to ascertain true windiness from gust readings. I therefore tend to stick to average wind speeds, which show more regional consistency.
  2. Official figures for Heathrow confirm my suspicion... It wasn't that bad. In fact, Feb of this year had 2 windier days.
  3. To be though, Netweather have cocked up many a forecast in their time (notably this summer, of course). So let's not get too high and mighty over the Daily Mail's output.
  4. Thanks Karl. It's good to have my favourite data centre feature back.
  5. It looks as though the ensembles have stopped updating. Or is it just me?
  6. Well it's great that the Ensembles are working now... But I think they need modifying: The scale for 2m Temps seems inappropriate when -20C has almost never been reported in England, yet 25C is reached routinely.
  7. Ensembles are stuck again, on 0429 something.
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