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  1. We haven't got one of these from 3 years ago to the day. We do have, hopefully, another downwelling episode?
  2. No matter hoe difficult it makes the run it leads to another Easterly i feel ,just as the build up to this one did
  3. I have no issues with this I agree and ECM // strikingly similar UKMO ECM//
  4. Small incremental changes on the mean just building heights slightly further north to our east rebuffing the atlantic 12z 06z
  5. Good old GFS has a 1005 MB Low "pummeling" the block http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?&ech=144&mode=0
  6. Not far of what the GFS// was hinting at yesterday could change very quickly to our NE with this sort of orientation of the scandi high pumping disturances up from the se near continent......sounds and looks familiar to a certain longer range outlook i have seen
  7. In a normal set up of PV to our North West I would be sceptical of its evolution,but with a polar field like this as a starting point I ain't discounting it. The earlier warming events are still feeding into the system and, with the PV already weak, the effects may be long lasting.
  8. Sunday 14 Feb - Tuesday 23 Feb It will remain cold or very cold with strong winds on Sunday but potentially turning milder over western areas. Outbreaks of rain and snow, potentially heavy for some southwestern areas are possible, whilst staying mostly dry and bright in central and southeastern areas. Further into this period, snow and wintry hazards are likely to continue which could affect mainly northern areas and eastern areas, especially over higher ground but not confined to. Although confidence weakens later in the period, the best of any sunshine looks to be in eastern and northeastern areas, with unsettled conditions mainly towards the west. Strong winds are likely throughout with the risk of coastal gales and temperatures overall remaining cold, with mild interludes in the west. Updated: 16:00 (UTC) on Tue 9 Feb 2021
  9. The streamer over North Yorkshire is definitely sinking ,if it gets here ill post
  10. Pulling my hair out today pal. The North Yorkshire snow is shifting south too.....
  11. Well they must be covering their peaches in case the front comes up the country further
  12. Very cold with snow showers and brisk easterly winds. This Evening and Tonight: Occasional snow showers will move west across the region on the brisk easterly breeze overnight, with accumulations to all levels. It will feel very cold with a hard frost and some patchy ice. Minimum temperature -4 °C. Tuesday: Snow showers continuing, but some brightness between the showers. Icy stretches remain possible with bitterly cold, fresh easterly winds. Another hard frost overnight. Maximum temperature 2 °C. Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Snow showers initially on Wednesday, becoming lighter then clearing later. Drier and brighter on Thursday, with a risk of snow again Friday. Bitterly cold with hard frosts and icy patches. Updated: 16:00 (UTC) on Mon 8 Feb 2021
  13. Come on two areas of instability converging over the North sea...
  14. Disappointed with met app but it shows two hours of heavy snow at tea time
  15. So what's moving out of the Baltic https://meteox.com/h.aspx?r=&jaar=-3&soort=loop1uur
  16. Nothing worth wring home about. It's a bit of a bust so far. Sorry was replying to Tony Beets
  17. Hardly any Wind here, strange and shower activity zip at moment
  18. Don't hold your breath or take it as given or you'll have a sleepless night.
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