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  1. winterof79

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Think the MET got their forecasts the wrong way round after the latest output
  2. Nice to move back towards the col theme again on the 6Z etc calm a few
  3. winterof79

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Anywhere is back on the table
  4. Yes I would guess the " Snow anywhere" may make a reappearance
  5. No matter how hard the modelling tries it will not shake of the inevitable troughing and Easterly feed. It just keeps coming back
  6. Ties in with expected colder than average next week troughing to or near s/w
  7. Light snow on to pennines during the night. More at weekend for some with decent dew points
  8. Well to my untrained eye these are a fair set.....Easterly / North Easterly option on the table as the wind chart indicates
  9. Troughing in our locale still the front runner even on the GEFS
  10. Looking intetesting for some this weekend as the rain comes up against some cold air.
  11. Yes if it's not showing a beast this place is like a kindergarten. Plenty of snow chances starting this weekend.