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  1. Exactly Sleety At 192 it runs totally against the Ensemble set developing yet another imaginary feature in the Atlantic
  2. GFS 06Z AND 12Z 180Z LAUGHABLE and why not to compare run to run.
  3. No point looking in detail further than 144z with these differences in the Atliantic
  4. Placement of High well up in the air at 120z UKMO GFS
  5. One massive difference to our normal toppling Eastward moving high. There is no vortex to set off the jet firing up off the Eastern sea board so the Northerly could be huge
  6. Agree ,precipitation charts show promise as early as Saturday and dew points will be low
  7. At least we may be treated to some snow falling and hard frosts while we are at Home.
  8. Is this the moans thread? Wintry showers forecast this weekend cold uppers and a possible northerly shot. Heights breaking out across the pole and lots of residual cold and a blocking high....
  9. Showers, with blustery winds, becoming more frequent and increasingly wintry during the evening, with risk of snow in many areas. Showers will ease later. It will feel cold in the wind, with icy stretches possible on untreated surfaces. Minimum temperature 0 °C.
  10. GFS a massive cold outlier this morning I thought...... Then I looked at GEM That would be funny after this farce of a winter
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