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  1. Wish Yorkshire thread was lively. It's like the forum of doom Good luck snow lovers
  2. PV over our side can we get a ridge mid Atlantic? If not what has the PV got left over Canada? Last fling
  3. Interesting ending to ECM anyone for a X polar flow attempt Couple of GEFS interested.
  4. Had enough of the GFS now. FV3 though while ever high pressure is like that I'm interested
  5. Depends what output you use its losing its grip but late in the season again.
  6. Depends on what you class as extremely rare Nick. 2010 December was extremely rare. Once in 100 years 2013 March and 2018 March rare but happenened.
  7. So here's our mean from 06z at 240z PV energy transferred over Siberia should signal height rises to or N/NW eventually
  8. Interesting development to our N/NE as per met musings which could flip to cold quickly. Flattened in low res but worth noting
  9. Yes thoroughly accurate don't you think? Do we have signs of a split with the Siberian vortex allowing cold to filter
  10. I am sure I saw those in Jan with well below temps for Feb....just saying
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