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  1. Looking forward tomorrow to day 10 of snow falling from the sky so far this winter. That is not a bad score at all. Hopefully, this time it'll amount to more than the dustings we've had so far.
  2. Yep, similar on other side of the hill around Newark Park. A bit of slush on the car windscreen in Wotton - just enough to throw a soggy slushball at the kids. 😁
  3. Joining this regional thread having moved to lovely Gloucestershire last year. What a delight the SW is. Nice chilly start to winter. Three frosts in last week, and heck of a fog Sunday night. I had to drive from Wotton to Stroud over the top of the hills - visibility down to 10m at some points. Definitely one of the trickiest drives I've ever had to undertake. Bloody good fun though. Not overly familiar with SW winters or the set-ups which favour us in these parts. I got a sense from afar that Bristol and the Mendips hills to the south, and Gloc Cotswolds hills to the NE, always seem
  4. Bloody Nora, it's windy out there. Took me almost an entire box of matches to light my fag, then seconds later the damn thing was whipped out of my hand, over the garden fence and up and away. Brrrrr.
  5. Sprinkling in Beckenham. If you were looking out of the window in the morning you'd mistake it for frost. :-)
  6. Looks like that will move right through central London. So that's that, then. Snow day it is. Still surprisingly moderate snow falling here in Beckenham given I'm right on the final throes of the ppn as it moves through. Great effort TBFTE. We doff our caps. Especially after yesterday morning's disappointment. EDIT - all done here. I'm not about to wake the baby by opening the door and venturing outside, but a window guess would be 4cm.
  7. Here we go then - last 10-15 mins as the final heavyish ppn falls on BR3. Looks clear and cold after that. Brrrrrrrr.
  8. Sat right under the yellows on the radar that developed over Beckenham 10 mins ago. Not seen snow like in quite a while. Still coming down hard - comfortably an inch in 30 minutes. Bravo.
  9. Hmmm. Let's see how the heavy precip over Rochester fairs over next hour as it edges West. The preceding clump was looking good for a line from Orpington to Caterham, but has hit the M2/ 20/ 25 triangle and seems to be giving up the ghost.
  10. Curious - why is it that the echoes seem to fade when making landfall over Essex, yet rumble on (and even intensify) over North Kent, and go on to reach Sussex? If its all easterly now, shouldn't it be the other way round?
  11. That year was mental in the CI. Good friends live in Jersey. They were struglling home along a country lane after venturing out for supplies when a slight clang came from underfoot. It turned out to be the roof of a Range Rover that revealed itself a few days later.
  12. Precip type on the NW radar seems hit and miss. Snow showing where rain is falling and vice versa, though leaning towards the latter. Motorway webams are a fairly decent indicator in live time. Heavy snow on M4 near Bath ATM which can only bode well for the cold air getting involved with the heavy stuff as it pivots back and heads towards the SE.
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