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  1. Im glad to say the wind did not do what the experts said it would, why did the experts on tv get this so wrong? even late last night they said our area of south wales was going to be hit and using words that would make people panic. it was much worse in this area yesterday morn than through the night. I Understand it may be difficult to predict exact track but to close bridges public transport etc even before the event just does not make sense to me.
  2. just been reading on another thread and some saying it seems like this could very well be further south than first thought, I hope they are correct don't mind the rain for quite a while but don't want them winds. so lets hope some of the experienced guys on here in other sections are correct.
  3. looking at Rain radar looks like the rain is about to hit us in s Wales, I hope we don't get the wind as bad as they say, its pretty wild out there now but hate it up here its very exposed and not nice at all when it gets very wild. anyone know if it may swing further south so we wont get as bad as they thought?
  4. anyone,s guess right now way to early to call what sort of winter we will have as far as I see it.
  5. well its been a while since I posted on here, nights drawing in fast guys and only 90 days until xmas, I wonder if we will have a mild wet winter or a cold snowy one. lets just hope we don't have to put the heating on for a few more weeks as I read today there is going to be a 8% rise in gas prices.
  6. Hi guys thought I would pop in and see how our winter is going ha ha, read in the paper yest that we got wet summers for the next 10 yrs. how the hell they know that when they find it difficult to predict 5 days ahead. hope you all are doing good and fingers crossed we have a few nice sunny weeks soon.
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