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  1. Wind is very strong here now I think this is worse than last night, hope this passes quickly until the next storm ha ha, is it correct Friday into sat for another storm? Thanks
  2. Just had a shock went out to fetch father in law from club and it was sleet and snow coming down up here, rain further down the valley but noticed the temp was also low showing 2.5 up here and 3.5 down in the valley, I would not be surprised to see the bwlch white tomorrow morn if it keeps up. didn't think there was supposed to be anything other than rain.
  3. I was listening to a guy on the radio talking about the amounts of rain we been having and he said this weather could last up and into March with atlantic storms coming in every week at least with no sign of cold weather, he said there may be a cold day or two but then back to the rain and wind. so if what has been happening so far does keep on into March it does very much look like no snow or decent cold spell this winter. I cant see much kids rugby or football being played again next weekend with the forecast for this coming week. the fields around here and probs everywhere else only need a
  4. Just saw the weather and did say possible bit of sleet snow over high ground on sat, but at the end Derick said wet and windy for first part of Feb, sounds fab more wind and blooming rain. roll on summer please be warm and sunny.
  5. feels colder out there today, but notice the charts that where showing snow have moved a few day away again. Tv weather experts have said going to get much colder starting tomorrow but on radio they said it will be short lived and back to the rain. any thoughts on this guys? don't think many areas can take much more rain, I know this area the fields are very wet to say the least and I noticed a few river banks have fallen in and starting to change the flow of the river that could cause problems if it continues.
  6. just been reading about the next snow storm to hit parts of America over the next few days, very nasty again out there, 1500 flights cancelled before it even starts. sounds quite major. I think the express reports of the winter we was supposed to have was a few thousand miles out and hit the USA.
  7. one good thing I notice the nights are getting lighter so the kids can go out and play for a bit longer as long as its not raining ha ha. Winter has been very poor for cold lovers and loks like we may have to wait at least a few more weeks for any sign of cold. never mind 12 more weeks we may be in warm sunny weather (please)
  8. yes it is winter but very very mild and very damp to say the least. im not moaning as iv saved loads of money on gas this winter ha ha. we may have a few frosts etc but if your a snow and cold person this winter has been quite disappointing for them so far.
  9. i heard the radio today and a guy on there said they don't think there be any significant cold weather for the next 3 weeks and maybe beyond that. if that is the case we be into feb then and the days be lot longer by then so chances of snow sticking about will be far less. I know we can have huge snow in feb but they norm have quite cold weather before the snow, I think we could find the atlantic will control our winter this year. time will tell but if you want snow it sounds as if its a long way away.
  10. I think we been lucky if you like cold and snow over the last few years and this year we back to the norm wet and windy. we may see a bit of the white stuff but that is expected every winter but as things stand there is no sign of anything other than lvly rain. that's a joke mind we had our fair share. lets just get sunny hot weather back here.
  11. so the cold gets pushed back by 2 days? is that correct guys? seen this before its here in 7 days then 5 days later its here in 7 days. I myself think towards the end of next week mountains and valleys may have some snow but as norm seem to happen in Wales low lying areas below 100m have sleet or rain. that's happens around this area all the time. drive up from Bridgend and mountains are white and nothing down bridgend, sarn, area and do not see snow until you hit areas like ogmore vale. mad weather out in the states the last few weeks can you imagine if we did have that weather this country w
  12. Bring on summer now, this rain and wind are driving me mad ha ha, and it sounds as if we getting this type of weather for quite a while yet so I would rather summer role in and be very dry and sunny.
  13. well looks like the wind has been extreme all around Wales just went out the garden and it spoilt my hair ha ha, plastic chairs etc all over the place and didn't sleep much even after having a few beers, I would say worst I have had since being on top of this mountain. and still very bad right now.
  14. Hi guys i thought the wind was going to drop and go away, well its pretty ruff out there right now. i would say its worse than today right now. was this predicted for tonight? and how much longer is this wind going on for as you can tell i hate the wind.
  15. I hope not as next door roof on their stables has just been damaged with the side being ripped off and its flapping and rising with every gust. looks like the beacons may have a dusting.
  16. Hi all lets hope this wind does not get much worse Its very windy right now not sure of speed but its enough ha ha, any idea what time the worst is supposed to come into us in south wales? would rather be at home than out in it if possible. merry xmas everyone as well lets hope we get some nice cold crisp days before long.
  17. Just saw the weather for coming week and its looking very very wet and very windy on times and tomorrow afternoon looks quite bad, doesn't sound as if there be much in the way of any snow until at least after xmas day, they did say maybe some sleet for xmas eve but mostly storms. Fab weather that ha ha. anyway its xmas so lets not worry about it.
  18. so by the looks we wont be having a marque party on boxing night with the weather they predicting? rain be ok but wind be a big no no.
  19. Hi Guys some are talking of poss of snow on xmas eve xmas day? I heard on either bbc or itv this morn that there will be a storm with heavy rain and strong winds tonight and they also said looks very much the same for xmas eve and day. why would they say that when the charts are showing poss snow and cold? also why bother this far away as we know things change every few hrs according to the charts. wind is picking up right now out there guys.
  20. one thing good is not so much gas to be used ha ha, and how many times have we seen these charts show one thing then 4 days later a complete switch. would not surprise me if in say one week the charts show freezing cold on the way here.
  21. the guys in the mad model thread be back on the Prozac by xmas eve ha ha. they all for very very cold winter but by this time tommor it show wet mild atlantic and they be needing the Prozac. look out window for me and as long as its not raining and windy I be happy.
  22. Sun and frost do me nicely, let winter strike after xmas and have one huge snow fall and then back to sun. why are there so many links to articles stating worst winter for 100 years, and 100 days of constants snow? how can these people give out information line that without any truth in it? I know they need to sell papers but most would just read it on links like I have so no gain there.
  23. bit damp again out there this morn, lots of water runs flowing over the mountain, fingers crossed this week dries up and we have a bit of colder weather with no rain ha ha I like to dream ay.
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