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  1. Wasnt it said there would be 8 to 13 hours of snow? Maybe it still will but only had approx 2.5 to 3 and looks like majority has passed by. I'm not moaning I'm having a few beers and happy ha ha
  2. I just watched weather on TV and looks like my prediction earlier that some disagreed with that it stops by 9 to 9.30. Wasnt trying to be negative either just seeing it as best as I could. Cannot imagine many areas had 4 inches as predicted. Anyway me I rather weather like we had last June and July but nice to see the snow for kids. Still 6 weeks to go for snow lovers.
  3. Ok, but radar you put on at 8.15 PM shows a clear area hitting Wales very south coast at 8.15 and based on speed before gand I assume another hour and half it be past my area. I don't care to be honest as not working tommorow and don't have to leave house so if we have a foot doesn't matter but j do not see anything decent coming from this to my area
  4. Looking at this radar I think it be over by 9 to 9.30 pm
  5. Sticking here but radar I'm looking at doesn't look great to me for much
  6. Just watched ITV weather and to my view, shows snow coming in about 1 to wales but didnt look thick, seemed to be breaking up at times and not as strong as yesterday's snow.
  7. Bwlch is white with snow and my garden has slight sticking, but it's a mix of sleet and snow down here but top of bwlch looks very white.
  8. My son went for a run up bwlch yesterday as I live half way up it, he said on top small areas had 6 inches of snow where it had blown and slight dusting everywhere. Also if going up bwlch stormy lane has lights so if there is snow and lights are on red you and me be buggered as won't pull back off,hope they move lights today incase.
  9. Hi all do the BBC and ITV use different models to predict weather? I just watched ITV and warnings are from Bristol to east coast with some distuptive snow, did say it could shrink in size and not cover whole area. Yes BBC are showing snow for Wales? Strange when so close timescale they don't match. Myself I think as our normal snow height will be key again for Wales.
  10. I agree just watched weather on tv and snow tonight coming through very quickly then showers on and off, it be height again j feel and further north looks better for snow tonight on their forecast
  11. Warning for minus 1 to minus 3. That's normal for Jan and feb isn't it?
  12. I just looked at radar, and from metro and rain today radar( free ones) snow passing by Newport Cardiff Bridgend etc within an hour. I myself hope so as work later and need to get car out. Are these radars correct?
  13. Had more snow over night but Just seen BBC forecast, possisibly snow for higher ground today rain on lower levels, but looks like a quick thaw coming in tommorow it was showing plus 8 temps. Risk of flooding then?
  14. I don't think there be much snow today from the radars I have looked at to be honest. Most is going under wales but maybe I'm missing something.
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