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  1. We had a 3 week family holiday travelling around Scotland in August 1987 - I was only 9 at the time but remember parts of the trip well and one thing I can recall is the lack of heat. I remember feeling cold dressed in shorts & t-shirt and have photos in which I'm wearing a large duffle coat! Having said that I don't remember any problems with rain spoiling the trip, we did manage a lot of outdoor activities although being a kid it is possible my parents planned these around any rainy days without my realising. Of course the weather in Scotland doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't a scorchingly hot month in England, Wales or Ireland, but given the recollections of others here I doubt it!
  2. 17.2C please.
  3. 16.7C please.
  4. 16.2C please
  5. It would be a nice change for the dry conditions to continue through the summer and for the correction to take place in early September. We've had some very wet summers (2007, 2008, 2012) and winters (2013/14 and 2015/16) recently, but we usually seem to get at least one decent autumn month. 2014 and 2015 were particularly frustrating wet Augusts followed by dry early autumn weather when the kids were back in school. At least we've had some drier summers since 2013 though.
  6. Difficult one to call but I'll go for a cooler 10.2C.
  7. Nice to top the monthly competition - thought I'd gone way too high but turns out I was slightly on the low side!
  8. March actually finished as quite a wet month here (certainly compared to many recent Marches) - the wettest March in Wales since 2006 (also after a dry winter) and second wettest since 1998. It was also the wettest month since last September and the second wettest month since January 2016, although not a complete washout as some of the intervening months have been quite dry. Looking at this graph, I'm glad I don't remember March 1981!
  9. 9.8C please
  10. 7.8C for me please.
  11. This one still brought the deepest single snowfall I can remember, on 9th Feb. As @I remember Atlantic 252 mentioned the snow had been predicted to turn to rain, but all fell as snow, and we ended up with nearly a foot. My workplace closed early due to the weather but I couldn't get home as the A48 had closed. We had a similar depth of snow in 2010 which accumulated over a couple of weeks, but as a single event I don't think we've had anything like it since January 1982, which I sadly can't remember well as I was only 3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/6344685.stm As @CreweCold says, the winter was very memorable for that one event. Sadly it rained on the Saturday and the snow melted fairly rapidly so we never had a chance to go out and enjoy it properly.
  12. 4.9C please
  13. That's an interesting observation - it reminded me of this post from @Catacol I read earlier which suggested that based on MJO forcing we may see an increasing likelihood of high lat blocking into Feb. I'm not sure what the MJO evolution was in Feb '91, could it be a similar evolution to that currently being modelled perhaps?
  14. 6.4C please, I feel it could be a disappointingly warm month but hope I'm wrong!
  15. I completely agree that lying snow has become less frequent, but surely the 1981 - 2010 chart for December would be skewed by the inclusion of both Dec 1981 and 2010 in the data? So it wouldn't really be that realistic to expect that much lying snow in December anyway?