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  1. It depends on the type of storm as well. I guess that an elevated MCS with mainly distant CC lightning and continuous heavy rain could well be relaxing although these are few and far between here. We're more prone to thundery hail showers and short sharp pulse storms in autumn and winter off the Atlantic, which usually involve the odd random loud close CG strike followed by heavy hail and sudden gusty winds - certainly can be exciting but not too relaxing
  2. A cooler 9.4C for me please.
  3. @Muffelchen in west Wales we haven't had any thunder this week although we came close on Tuesday - the storms stopped being electrically active just east of us near Swansea. We've had 5 thunder days so far this year which is about average, this compares to the 14 thunder days we had in 2014 which is the most I can remember. So you have had quite a thunder drought in your area even by our standards
  4. 15.3C for me please.
  5. Very strange bright orange sky here to accompany the heavy rain which has just started... I've attached a photo but it doesn't really do it justice.
  6. 16.1C for me please.
  7. This one by John Gribbin?
  8. Surprised its wetter than 2012? Wettest June here since 2012, but 2013, 2014 and 2015 were all relatively dry. A lot drier than 2012 here with about half the rain.
  9. 16.8C for me please
  10. Friskney Show: Funnel cloud lifts inflatable slide - Apologies if already seen, couldn't see a link to it in here.
  11. Spoke too soon- the thunder is back!
  12. Never mind Brexit, it's usually hard enough getting European storms to 'Br-entry'! Gone quiet again here now, most of the activity looks to be to my east. If there's anyone north of Swansea it could be worth keeping an eye out.
  13. Thunder here, heavy rain just started.
  14. The video mentioned that the colder water could impede hurricane activity in a pattern that would otherwise likely deliver an active season due to La Nina developing. Effects on UK / NW Europe only mentioned briefly at the end - if the wind patterns continue as normal we're likely to see colder conditions as the wind tracks over the colder sea surface, but there is evidence to suggest the Cold blob could influence wind patterns and actually deliver drier and warmer summers to N Europe. Nothing further in the video as to why this is, or what the evidence is.
  15. Ha ha, if only! I'd probably take it for granted eventually if it was the norm. The fact it is rare makes it all the more enjoyable.