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  1. You'd be correct on that! Source: Climate Prediction Center - Monitoring and Data: Regional Climate Maps - Europe WWW.CPC.NCEP.NOAA.GOV
  2. Enjoying the sunshine compared to last July's drizzle but a bit too warm for me especially at night. Feels more oppressive than 2013 which is my benchmark for good weather at this time of the year, having said that I was able to work in an office in July 2013 which was much cooler than having to work in the bedroom! This summer hasn't been too bad here in west Wales, better than last year so far. I think we've got off lightly compared to those further east, it's been relatively dry here after the washout May.
  3. Tough one to call at present, I'm going to risk a total bust by going for the rather unusual dry and cool combination - 15.1C and 32mm please.
  4. Although my memories of the 1980s are a bit sketchy being a child at the time, I remember some fairly dry but rather chilly weather on a 3 week holiday to Scotland in August 1987 (I have a photo taken in a duffle coat with shorts at John O'Groats). I spent a lot of time outdoors so I'm sure I'd remember if any had been as consistently wet as 2012 here. These show 1985 as the wettest of the period, on a par with 2007 but not as wet as 2012: 1987 as the dullest, on a par with 2012 and less sunny than 2007 or 2008: Interestingly 1989 comes in sunnier than 2018 and everything else since 1995. Temperature is where the 1980s summers fall back, we've not had anything colder than that run of late 80s summers since in terms of mean temperature although looking slightly further back they weren't quite as cold as some of the summers in the 50s and 60s. Our recent poor summers don't fare as badly in that respect (if it's heat you like: I'm finding this week a bit too warm!) UK temperature, rainfall and sunshine time series WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Time series graphs of climate variables for previous months, seasons and years
  5. Thanks, that sounds like a really fascinating project. I wondered about the data as getting historical records back that far seems challenging, and because the timescales for the data we have are so short in climate terms there are probably a lot of interesting natural cycles like this that we haven't yet paid much attention to. I've been wondering whether there's a dataset for average wind direction / speed, or average SLP in the UK over a specific period (e.g. a month, year etc).
  6. Slightly off topic here but I'm curious as to when you did your dissertation and what data you used? I feel like there was a notable absence of easterly winds in the years up to around 2008/09, replaced by an increased frequency in easterlies in the 2010s, and it seems there has been an absence of northerlies in recent years until last winter - but it could just be my perception. Other than the volcanic activity, did you find any likely drivers for longer term changes in circulation patterns which particularly affected the CET?
  7. It would be interesting to compare the average CET for the first halves of the months so far this year against others - quite a few months so far with a warm up towards the end after a cold start. June does look set to break that pattern though!
  8. The problem with May 2012 is the last 2 weeks were the only decent dry sunny spell of the entire 'summer'! Though I don't feel like this is a 2012 style year, for me more like 2013 but running a little later. If that holds then we could have a cold start to summer but a decent spell later on, perhaps end of July into August, a bit later than the nice July weather in 2013. Of course it could all surprise us as it often does!
  9. Precipitation, relative humidity and soil moisture for March 2021 | Copernicus CLIMATE.COPERNICUS.EU
  10. Maybe I'm one of very few enjoying the current spell of weather? It's not felt too chilly here in west Wales, aside from first thing in the morning, and the sunny dry weather has been a very welcome break from the deluge of the 18 months prior to March (last April & May aside). We've been overdue a lengthy dry spell here and I'm hoping it will last into the summer this time, unlike last year!
  11. It's quite bizarre how the last 3 months have all started with below average temperatures and no warmth being modelled in the longer term, only for very warm conditions to turn up after mid month. The near average CET returns this year are masking some interesting cold / warm switches and variations. April looks to start on a chilly note so could go in the same vein. I was caught out in March going low, so have plumped for a warmer April!
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