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  1. colder dew points is good. Usually this is when things go to pot. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  2. Well hello! It's been a long time! As ever I fear it's marginal for us south brum/harborne types. We are in the nowcasting/praying phase.
  3. I have looked at the charts with one eye closed and a cushion in front of me. It all looks very, very interesting for midweek!!
  4. It's only Jan 21st people - we've still got February to play for!! And without the lows there wouldn't be the snowy highs would there?!'
  5. Nice bit of snow in brum!! Cheers for making me look out the window Arnie
  6. I have a feeling about this winter. I think that February could be really good. We look to be having decent cold AND messy weather. Patience younglings.
  7. Andy left this forum as a boy and has come back as a man. And there's still no snow.
  8. We've reached the now casting stage. We have the cold, who knows what might happen - plus it's ONLY January. Keep the faith!!
  9. Bright in the west here but black in the east. Snow is a fickle mistress to serve.
  10. In south brum we are at the small flake stage. No accumulation though.
  11. Went on a lovely cold, crisp bike ride first thing. Tonight will involve a nice log fire. Even without snow I do love a cold snap.
  12. Wine here please. I shall take it whilst sitting on my sledge of anticipation.
  13. Lol!!! Anyway, if Gord is getting giddy it's a good sign! Sod the charts!
  14. It isn't settling yet though!! I want to make a snooker joke about your post!!
  15. Proper snow in south brum and it ain't plopping.
  16. I'm well pleased Gord is getting some snow - he's been a stoic stalwart. Now waft it to me!!
  17. Temp has really dropped here too (using unscientific means) and the sky has 'that' colour. The model thread would love me
  18. I have to say that our brum snow looks pretty in the air, but makes a plopping sound on the ground.
  19. Very wet snow in Harborne. Some stickage (technical term) occurring.
  20. Snow seems to have stopped in south brum. For now! Was pretty while it lasted though!
  21. On this day in 2013 we expected snow and were gutted. 5 days later snowmageddon. Keep the faith.
  22. Some snow popping up on the brum weather forecast. Both on NW and meto.
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