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  1. colder dew points is good. Usually this is when things go to pot. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  2. Well hello! It's been a long time! As ever I fear it's marginal for us south brum/harborne types. We are in the nowcasting/praying phase.
  3. It's a sign that this winter MIGHT be an interesting one!! Lampposts set to stun
  4. Wintry showers next week?! Apols to people having profile pic woe - but SNOW!!! #ramp Anyone requiring a #ramp source - latest ecm.
  5. I'm not sure I'm emotionally strong enough to deal with lamp post watching in March.
  6. Haily graupels in brum at about half 3. Can someone talk trough to me?!
  7. Very heavy rain here know, and the wind has kicked up a gear. Am going to snuggle in bed and pretend it's snow
  8. There is something slightly wintry trying to happen. My other half thinks I've lost it because I shouted go on my son out the window!
  9. Still rain here, falling on the ice still in the back garden!
  10. Had a lovely frosty bike ride around Edgbaston reservoir. Grey clouds are building now.
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