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  1. Please tell me the wind direction will back a little soon just missing us in se London
  2. Evening patiently waiting the arrival of the precip in Crayford...First bit So, near now temp 0.4c dp-1
  3. Met office has upgraded Bexleyheath to four hours of two snowflake icons! For 11pm-2am Currently - 2.2 c
  4. Still 4.2c here and the band if rain has arrived.... Will the temp drop... Humm
  5. Temp gradually dropping 5.1c dp 3c.from a high of 6.5c at 1pm hope that the dp drops soon Crayford Kent
  6. That blob over South Mimms... Will it reach me.... Or won't it... Fingers crossed I'm in Bexleyheath
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