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  1. Potent cell with hail just went thru in Bexley, temp went from 7.1 to 3.8c ?
  2. Please tell me the wind direction will back a little soon just missing us in se London
  3. Evening patiently waiting the arrival of the precip in Crayford...First bit So, near now ? temp 0.4c dp-1
  4. Met office has upgraded Bexleyheath to four hours of two snowflake icons! For 11pm-2am Currently - 2.2 c
  5. Still 4.2c here and the band if rain has arrived.... Will the temp drop... Humm
  6. Temp gradually dropping 5.1c dp 3c.from a high of 6.5c at 1pm hope that the dp drops soon Crayford Kent
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