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  1. Wicked stuff we're in for. Treat tonight
  2. Moderate snow in Aylesford nr Maidstone!
  3. Moderate snow in Aylesford nr Maidstone!
  4. Light snow in Bexleyheath still offer and on im, 45 seems a popular age on here!
  5. Heavy snow in Crayford everything is white now
  6. Wind direction is just wrong for me in Bexleyheath.... Argh.... Please veer a tad
  7. Bit of snow... Settled but is melting
  8. Hey all. Good luck for tonight- tomorrow etc.. I'll be popping in to see how we are getting on. Hopefully north west Kent will be a white-out by the morning
  9. Radar lies unfortunately under a moderate blue but nothing in Crayford a few flakes 20 mins ago mind you.
  10. Just had a minute or so of heavy flakes in Crayford... Was, lovely to see but that's it for now hoping for some more through out the day
  11. Turned back to sleet- maybe ice pellets now in Crayford but we have a dusting!