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  1. The wintry outlook continues as more snow is expected tonight and tomorrow for Scotland, N Ireland and Ireland, and wintry showers possible elsewhere, especially down the east coast compounded by hard overnight frosts. Watch The Video Here
  2. There's no let up in the cold weather this week, or as Michael puts it 'If I were a brass monkey, I'd wrap up well and face south' in a biting wind chill over the next few days. The snow showers will continue too, along with low overnight temperatures to see out the end of January and well into the first week of February. Watch The Video Here
  3. Snow showers will continue for a few more days at least, with some heavier pulses mixed in at times along with a biting wind chill and freezing temperatures overnight leading to an ice risk. Watch The Video Here
  4. Flip flopping temperatures, as we swing from milder to cooler over the next few days, and the jet stream takes a more direct route to us from midweek, bringing the risk of gales at times. There's also a hint of a cold end to January, so keep an eye on the updates. Watch The Video Here
  5. The first pronounced cold spell for nearly two years is here, with hard frosts, snow and wintry showers the theme of the next week, there's even a very brief sighting of an easterly on the cards. Watch The Video Here
  6. The weather roller coaster continues as more potentially disruptive winds are on the way along with spells of wintry weather mixed in with rain and brighter spells over the next week or so. Keep an eye out for updates after the weekend as the jet wriggles south and brings a risk of very strong winds further south after mid week. Watch The Video Here
  7. A slightly calmer outlook for the next week, with spells of colder weather, frosts and hill snow alternating with periods of wind and rain from the Atlantic, along with slightly milder temperatures. Watch The Video Here
  8. Winter has arrived, and the temperatures are dropping. It's a much more seasonal feel this week with night time frosts and some low temperatures through the day, there's also some blustery winds to contend with that'll make it feel even cooler in the areas they affect. Watch The Video Here
  9. Autumn ends this weekend and it's going to be mild at first, turning cooler as we head into the new week with possible hill snow for Scotland before high pressure takes charge again and we return to patchy frost and fog overnight. Watch The Video Here
  10. As the high pressure over Scandinavia begins to retreat east, more spells of rain and blustery winds will make their way to the UK from the Atlantic but there will be a couple of chilly nights with risk of frosts over the weekend and into the new week. Watch The Video Here https://vimeo.com/112492648
  11. The record for highest Halloween temperature on record fell before midday, bringing to an end another warm month, a cold front that's already arriving from the west will bring rain, wind and cooler temperatures for everyone over the weekend. Watch The Video Here
  12. The jet stream is set to remain over northern Britain for the next week, which means a succession of weather fronts and low pressures bring frequently wet and windy spells for northern areas while further south is more likely to escape the worst conditions and see some bright spells. Watch The Video Here
  13. UK Weekend Forecast - Issued 2014-10-17 08:56:03 Valid: Mild, But Still Wet and Wild At Times View the latest forecast for the weekend
  14. Michael Fish presents his weekly forecast, and he looks ahead to a continuation of the Autumnal theme, with the potential for the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo to cross the UK next week bringing more rain and wind with it as well. Watch The Video Here
  15. After a record breaking dry September, it had to end, and it does as the first Autumn storm of the season sweeps in from the north west bringing gales and heavy rain as it arrives and delivering a soaking across the UK. Watch The Video Here
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