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  2. No your right ,nothing to write home about for sure ,but if the gfs is right, a little tropical stormlet (tiny)but if bigger or stronger over the Azores will upset the apple cart ,and we might get something ,don't know what ,but more than we have at moment
  3. But, if one looks for positives in it all, in a rapidly changing climate, hostile atmospheric conditions ,us here ,our patch as such, stays the the same , i. e. nothing happens .its like in a lull ..but no storm ,we always seem to be stuck in the lull (bar the heavy rain forecast, seems we have a 5 week dry spell. Three days torrential rain ,instead of little and often ,perhaps the weather is short on drivers as well
  4. that's never a word ,you made that up. Surely its radarsque lol
  5. do you remember the 87 storm ? feels like it did that night ,but not only is the the low picking up warm air ,if you look at sat loops, something is throwing even hotter air up west coast of Africa,which is then being picked up by the said low pressure
  6. Love the way it cuts the south east right out , slap round the chops as usual
  7. i got a strange one from weekend just gone, looks like it follows the phone lines down field : - ) ,hopefully the gfs has got end of month right ,looks lively ,I'm starting to feel like what the people who live in the Azores feel ,hoping maybe a tropical disturbment might pass by just to break the stagvection ,if thats a word
  8. just flickers to me here ,if i really can see it,eyes play tricks with wishful thinking ,just a little too far away i think ,as always
  9. hope your right mate ,a distant flicker is better than no flicker ,lucky you can see a few nautical miles from your place ,i find its hard to see a few metres without lights and fences and trees etc etc ..
  10. i think if there was a chance ,they are fading fast towards calais,but only because winds slightly north of west ,but give it a couple hours ,say dawn,back in with chance ,for you not me here
  11. Just had a line (not coke) of showers come through with a whip up of the wind ..
  12. Just had a hefty old shower spin through ..15 or so minutes of heavy rain and a nice rainbow...
  13. If you could sum up today in two words...how would you explain it ..not fuel,or covid ,just weather wise..? I
  14. Whoaaa,no ,there is no end to rising air, forced ,heated or any which way, you sound like a snow blower in spring ,please don't put me away lol ,we still got tropical air kicking about ,I know we have thousands of sq miles of modifier (atlantic) but you have to get into ,freezing fog ,ground frosts ,air frosts,snow showers ,gale force.winds,,drizzle (my favourite )lol ,sleet.,cold heavy rain,its all the same crew really in different places in different seasons ,we would suffer without it all for sure
  15. Hope your better soon mate ,you could always stay up late to watch the sun rise as well lol
  16. week today ,got a feeling gfs has it consistent ,hope not ,not this early ,not with leaves not quite falling yet ,hope its not that intense and further north ,but its in the 144 frame ,so you have to half back it
  17. i know what your saying but...you jumped head first into the sunny forecast, you should have gone outside ,took a look about .took in statistical info of your locale ,terrain, etc thought what usually happens ,then sub consciously take forecast with a pinch of salt
  18. standard?.im just down the road and had no proper rain ..err.4 weeks, maybe more ...imby ish i know ,and we have missed a load ,but dry is understatement (don't know how dry can be an understatement )lol ,this, in leymans terms(well worse) in summer we rely on ,plumes ,hot plumes to give us excitement, some thing to talk about ,cor its hot ,or storms ,so, thats 1. say,2 is late summer tropical activity thats hit the mid latitude fan ,but most of time we have had a elongated high pressure either stretched out NE -SW ,or there abouts ,go back to plumes ,now when it did falter, we had a low over Iceland who is like a batsman, plume the ball, bosh or wide ,wide it doesn't get further than us and runs up west or at most midlands or east Anglia, bosh it and the storms plume mcs s,get batted off east of us ,but what really does me is ,the bat(cold front )has no rain on it either , caught between devil and north sea
  19. I know the feeling NS,I start looking at things.i shouldn't (not rude )hurricanes and flooding and fires and volcanoes like yourself ,staring at live cams see if you can see lightning ,nothing ,I mean nothing has happened for seems like ages ,I'm gonna bet...we gave zonal sw winds all winter same as ne winds all summer ,lousiana person has had couple of landfalling hurricanes ,couple tropical storms ,umpteen thunderstorms ,lost roof few times ,flooded basement lost power for weeks on end ,come my friend to kent ,coz nothing happens ,wouldn't believe it would he
  20. Writing was on the wall marleeeen,writing was on the wall,could tell that this morning ,but..every cloud has silver lining ,if no rain ,SE tom ,can you give me odds on wildfire before rain please ,got to be.good odds now ,all the best mate
  21. Some one ,has whipped the sun away ,(bloody aliens that is ,right before your eyes :-)) Been beautiful few days here ,early fog.,but its the time of year ,but dry as bone ,which brings me to ..I know pressure is rising either side of front ,but things to south of us because of low (dissipating) waS over biscay should be relatively moist air ish,France was awash with showers ,the front coming into our region had some good looking showers developing ahead of it ,in channel of all places ,sst what 16 17 c, we now up to 17 here but they are dying out ,question ,why ???
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