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  1. Looks like you're taking our stuff with you Mr f... If snow depths can be modeled or believed the only other deeper drifts are around New ash green.. IE.. the speckle of purple.
  2. Sorry about not replying...ive just noticed you can invoke (I don't know if that's the right word) notifications all that time and not a clue...scroll scroll scroll.. I don't even know when I post.. So finding if anyone's quoted or replied was a mission.. Yea. I'm OK.. But I would not put it past anyone to try anything...and to be honest it's not weather control... Ie every thing from fog to light shower to drought to snow to hurricanes you have to manipulate.. Only the anti cyclones.. And I know it would be quicker but harder to deepen a low but its all over relatively quick.. But if you 'could' make a strong ridge or anti cyclone to stay still..jobs a gooden.. Sandy That struck NE States a few years ago is a good example.. It could not recurve.. It Couldn't move...so yea I suppose I'm nuts
  3. Yea why bother with tanks and bombs and spy's.. When you can just steer a few hurricanes into the gulf..economically and moraly devastating..lets hope not ps.. you only have to have a reign on the anti cyclones.. They are the steering.. Perhaps if we get our order in early and we are good... They may put one smack over svalbard.. All winter..
  4. But leave the light on...just in case..don t wanna be left in the dark ..
  5. Where it was relatively mild Tues weds Thurs.. 13.. 14 c sun out..it took Saturday or most of it to cool it all down again.. Lost a few hours there.. Seems to have been snowing, albeit lightly, for a while but nothing really to show for it.. Latent heat I think.. So snow, yea maybe, but settling is gonna be hard.. Especially low lying areas
  6. The met o are experts in word play as well as forecasting.. Up too... Is a classic.. That's could be 00.1 and they would still be right. Anything over that now looks an outside chance...but can't moan.. Can we??
  7. Was a bit blizzardy a while ago and temp dropped in last hour.. As water on windows is frozen now..
  8. Low centre.. Right over Eastbourne.. Nice swirl..
  9. You always do get the best bits.. That's them darn downs giving it lift.. :-)
  10. I don't think so.. I knocked out a couple of photo s in the Scotland thread when we had snow.. Southern snow.. Not there normal run of the mill Scottish stuff.. Kentish snow.. From the East... They was happy with it...different from southern sun...i never got told off put it that way
  11. Big hail stones though.. For us anyway
  12. Just had hefty shower..all the trimmings of a storm but just rain
  13. Suppose he s had too learn to climb trees to hide his bones now they can't be buried
  14. Sorry mate.. Do I know you.. Are you in the wrong thread.. Norfolk?? That's up north and out in the sea isn't it...i sometimes look at the sherringham Web cam see if it's snowing on a North Easterly (sad I know) desperate we was down here..i know how it feels to be isolated know lol.. Guess your used to that... Lovely place.. And loverly County.. And I'm only kidding.. Toast to an Easterly..which is I'm sure where EASTER gets its name coz that's when we usually kop one
  15. That's a Deal then.. Dont have Me Dover...dont go Walmer we will never get that beer.. But we can get our folkestoned.. I'm losing snow cover hand over foot here... But some would say better than a**e over t*t... Hope you right mate.. Strange week..