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  1. Cloudy 17.1c wind SSE fresh..humidity 81% 1008 hpa...
  2. 15.1c.. Humidity 86%.. Wind ENE.. 7mph..thunderstorm..
  3. Had one this morning and a tiny splattering.. Then two separate storms now.. But as ever too far west.. For me.. Or me too far east.. But lovely breeze a a few dollops..
  4. 19.1c 81% humidity... Ssw light.. Partly cloudy.. Thunderstorm upto my NW...
  5. 21.8c.. Partly cloudy.. Humidity.. 71%...wind.. variable and light.. 1012 hpa.. Steady
  6. 19.7c.. SSE 0.0.. 83% HUMIDITY.. High clouds.. Sunny
  7. 21.1c ...se... 1km/h..75% humidity.. Clear
  8. Partly cloudy.. 29.8c.. 2..km/h..sse..45% humidity..
  9. 20.1c.. Sunny, clear. No breeze..
  10. Its like watching for snowflakes in winter... Amazing..what ever you don't get much of.. you love..
  11. But Beware...have you ever seen a weather patten the screams storms.. or snow.. or dodgy temps when the models say different.. Iran is on the the case.. dont really wanna go political.. but weather related it is... ps.. once you start there is lagor even unknown factors.. true or false..??? https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201807111066269279-iran-israel-clouds/
  12. I've all Ready picked my blackberry's and made my jam..thought that that was late summer past time
  13. That's my local puplic viewable w/s so I take his word for it
  14. Four months and six days since the two totally unofficial temps... Dont seem long really.. So hot I feel like what my snowman did...
  15. From first thing to last thing yesterday.. In between.."funda bugs" does your head in after a while