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  1. I just see more white stuff out of that shower than ive seen all winter, that says it all MOV_0019_002.mp4
  2. 'be nice and warm before then' (said with enthusiasm or grimace)blimey, i never thought you would say or even think that, but really if you cant beat or change it. Enjoy it.. I guess ?
  3. Thats a good user name "putting it mildly" classic
  4. Thats the atlanteans... Long gone to ask advice.. Or are they?? ?.... Perhaps they got the pox with the drizzle .. ?
  5. Snowing in hildenboro and thats startling in its self.. Tonbrige is to the south east as furnace creek is to death valley ?
  6. And if u look at the lastest runs... Something is not right.. Dont know what but it is... im no grace with the charts but some thing dont add up.. U feel it more than see it.. Im talking next week week after sort of thing ?
  7. Yea i agree.. Below 200ft mix i reckon.. Above that yea maybe some settling, its because we really had nixie here all winter ?
  8. I dont know if this is good.. Bad.. Or ugly or whatever.. You might of already read it or heard about it.. But G.R.A.F...the manual says it will make all the rest look silly... But only out to 144hrs tops.. At moment.. Maybe we get more info from others for free.. I.B.M as well.. couple of photos from Toys hill.. 700 odd feet.. Not really that much considering
  9. Oh noooo....NSSC... This forum will be a much colder place without her.. Shame she could not pass that on to our winter so far ... hope you are wrong ?
  10. Cloudy 17.1c wind SSE fresh..humidity 81% 1008 hpa...
  11. 15.1c.. Humidity 86%.. Wind ENE.. 7mph..thunderstorm..
  12. Had one this morning and a tiny splattering.. Then two separate storms now.. But as ever too far west.. For me.. Or me too far east.. But lovely breeze a a few dollops..
  13. 19.1c 81% humidity... Ssw light.. Partly cloudy.. Thunderstorm upto my NW...
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