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  1. Clear here now,it was imby a non discript day but as they say ,things are blessed ,not much rain ,but N N Westerly.how long for i don't know
  2. Well two things have happened here.,1 sun has popped out ,this time to my west.unlike this morning when I caught a glimmer to my east ,rain (being so dry on ground ) well its a drop in the ocean so to speak ,but the biggest surprise..wait for it...wind is west north Westley..can't believe it ...
  3. Tom I've always looked at your posts over the years ,in certain treads,suppose because your relatively local to me ,but if you.are not mr betfred than I'm an idiot(I am :-))if you could put as much intelect.into.global forecasting as you do on the open ,we would not need GFS,UK met ,ECM,cor mate ,should be by track or field somewhere tom ,what's the odds this winter hope you and folks are ok ..
  4. And to be more precise ,upper cloud is (if you can believe it )moving NW,cor blimey a SE sterly ,but ,don't wanna jump to soon.because surface wind is of corz.NE again
  5. Yep same here ,I've no rain gauge but I have a divit, until it rains, then it transforms into a puddle ,I can transfere that info into ..lots ,average,not much at all,but i got a weak rainbow..thats enough excitement for me today
  6. Sun popped out just for little while to my east, looks bright that way ,looks like the black hole of calcutter to my west though
  7. Well that will be something ,I'm not a light rain/drizzle fanatic ,but a full on warning for rain here , well its like a storm chasers watching a supercell from birth to dissipating, I honestly can't wait ,fair play we had good lightning last week ,and that's all it really it was ,dry by morning so tiny amount of precipitation ,and please tell me your joking about wind being N Easterly did it ever vary ,even the weather vanes here are stuck pointing SW,need some wd40 on em
  8. Strange clouds first thing this morning ,looked like the bottoms had fell out of them lol ..
  9. And if that high pressure had sat where its has like a barnicle from November till March we would be snow men not making them
  10. Do you not think we have had a gut full this year of NE winds ,if any body says this winter ,what could with.is north easterly,for once I'm gonna say,no ,not really
  11. I could put live webcam of Tonbridge ,kent ,UK, but you would be lucky after a year of watching to get a couple of flickers in distance (northern France, east anglia,sometimes even Belgium , but never here (we did have our quoter 20 minutes other night but I did have to go to Maidstone for it ps (in end your be.posting pics of rain ) and at moment amonth or so you be lucky catching that
  12. We are hardened to that sort of set up here mate ,where ever something is happing in this world it ain't here ,I don't know if thats a gift or a curse ,but if your mid Atlantic, you would be as happy as Larry:-)
  13. Yea pretty much spot on ,I did get a couple of shots last night but never lasted long ,just about wet the floor,but its been so dry ,so it just got asorbed VID-20210908-WA0014.mp4
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