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  1. GFS 6z a good run for me. PV drained away from Canada, heights to our NE beginning to push towards Greenland and a trigger low diving down towards Iberia.
  2. Where’s this gfs going then? Heights building further north, cold building in Europe, hmm
  3. To me, the models are starting to firm down on the idea of the high over the UK gradually moving west/nw after 200 hours +. As it edges westwards the pv begins to force its way southwards into Europe leaving uk under some kind of northerly. That’s the starters
  4. Snow picking up here in north London, already heavier than most of yesterday
  5. As you can see the freezing level is moving up London, this should start to drop back down from 11-12pm
  6. Still snowing heavily here in Barnet, reports of turning back to rain in south London a little concerning
  7. As if by magic, rain turning to wet snow. I've also just walked into a cupboard on the way to the window to lamppost watch...
  8. It was always forecast to start off being very marginal however I wouldn't give up hope yet. As you can see on https://www.ventusky.com/?p=52.9;-1.2;5&l=freezing the freezing level is around 400m in north London at the moment but is expected to drop to 100m/0 in the next hour or so as the winds wrap round to a more northerly direction.
  9. Snowed here initially in north London with it settling everywhere. Now turned to rain and was turning everything to slush
  10. Clouds building and darkening here, also a slight increase in precip through the spine of the country. Maybe it might start to kick off within the next hour?
  11. Made this account 8 years ago! I now live somewhere else! I would not say -4 to -5 guarantees rain, especially with slack winds and heavy precip. Whether it settles on wet ground etc is another question.
  12. A consistent upgrade would also be nice! What I like about this run is that the upgrade is occurring around day 5-7 rather than day 10-12, therefore has less time to downgrade. Of course the upper air temps would be a bit lower in an ideal world but with slack winds at times and heavy precip about then snow somewhere would be more likely than not.
  13. GFS 6z shows second low turning up a lot quicker with better heights behind it. Could be a good run this one.
  14. Pub run looking good thus far. Slightly better heights out west, slightly better northerly.
  15. Much better from the 12z, not as good as yesterday but better than this mornings 6z. UKMO better still.
  16. How is it moving a lot better? The 6z shows less of everything -cold, snow and prospects for a reload.
  17. If you are looking for settled, chilly weather then the GFS 6z is great news. Anyone that wants anything remotely exciting will be disappointed. Big let down for me after yesterdays great output. Hope its wrong but the GFS has been the trend-setter this winter. Lets see what the rest of the day brings but a back track from the GFS is pretty unlikely.
  18. 12z looks like an upgrade at the moment. Slightly better ridge, better heights over Greenland with more energy going south east. Lets see what the rest of the run brings.
  19. andddd a bit of an upgrade for next wednesday. Wait until tuesday morning before getting too downbeat, things will change.
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