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  1. Storm grew overhead in North London but is moving away. So close but so far...
  2. Further evidence that most cases are asymptomatic: Coronavirus: Experiment in northern Italian town halts all new infections after trial NEWS.SKY.COM The experiment involved blanket testing of the town's entire population of 3,300 people. “for every 1 patient that had symptoms, another 10 were asymptomatic”
  3. What levels would be considered dangerous? I pray that you get over this quickly!
  4. Brilliant, I really hope they develop this test and in high numbers. Then we can start testing large portions of the population and a better understanding of the true death rate can be found. Additionally, we can test all health workers and all those that have had the disease can fully commit to helping others.
  5. Just read that influenza infects up to a billion people a year. If we consider Corona virus has been circulating since mid November that's 4 months. That's a third of a year so if corona virus spreads as quickly as influenza then we could be looking at 333 million infections right now. Obviously, the growth rate is exponential, so the first third of the year wouldn't equal 1/3rd of cases by the end of the year however it could be reasonable to assume this virus has infected millions already?
  6. I wonder what the true figure is for the number of people in Italy with coronavirus? Could we be talking upwards of half a million?
  7. Well good luck to you! I read an article yesterday that said 3000 people were tested in a town in Italy and 50-75% tested positive but had no symptoms. This matches the data that’s come from the diamond cruise ship where a large proportion (can’t remember figures) also had no symptoms. While this is good news when considering the death rate, it could be the reason why this virus has spread as rapidly as it has. If 50% of people don’t have symptoms then they will still Be going out spreading it unknowingly.
  8. Could it be that you are one of the lucky ones who doesn’t show any symptoms?
  9. I'm confident the lock down will reduce deaths in the coming weeks based on whats happened in China and what is happening in the last few day in Italy. It won't just be 6-7k deaths though, once they resume some sort of normal life then this virus will hit back. Hopefully by this point we will have a better understanding on how to treat severe cases, have more Doctors and nurses, more ventilators etc and as a result less deaths. This virus won't stop however until we have herd immunity - either through the majority of people contracting it or via a vaccine.
  10. Number of deaths each day has remained stable for a few days now, this is good news. We should start to see a decrease by the weekend.
  11. Actually far better than I imagined it would be for today.
  12. No, you can still pass it on even after symptoms have passed.
  13. Who else here is surprised that Swine Flu killed nearly 600,000 people worldwide? I kind of assumed that it didn't kill many people as the panic seemed to end as quickly as it started.
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