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  1. Doc

    World Economy

    An interesting point is that (I believe) in history, no country that has a balance of payments surplus (as Ireland does) has gone 'bust'. There's always a first time for everyhting of course! Another interesting point is that the UK's main export market is Ireland. The UK exports more to Ireland that it does to China and India combined. So the health of the Irish economy is quite important to the UK.
  2. Doc

    Uk Economy

    Anglo Irish Bank has just be nationalised by the Irish government.
  3. Doc

    Uk Economy

    This was just a 'lost in translation' (and hugely damaging) mis-report by the media! Somebody 'said' IMF (in relation to the '80s recession) and all of a sudden = IMF are coming in to run Ireland!!! Very dangerous stuff (the mis-reporting) in these times.
  4. Doc

    Uk Economy

    Is the UK spending it's childrens and grandchildren's money!!! Irish fianance minister has said today 'to expect the unthinkable' - in Ireland, government spending is simply going to be slashed and (very) quickly.
  5. Doc

    Uk Economy

    I don't think they could loose 20% so quickly - but that's what's being reported. But certainly they will start to shed jobs very quickly. 25% of borrowing is now going on pay for the civil/public service - like the UK, it's bloated. With the private sector being slashed, public sector arguments to retain jobs (for life) and get pay increases, etc., don't hold much sway with he general public. With regard to the unions (both public and private sector), I think reality has dramatically set in (especially with the loss of the manufacturing arm of Dell this week)! I heard one union leader on
  6. Doc

    Uk Economy

    In response to my post above, Irish Government looking to shed up to 20% of the public/civil service by the end of the month! http://www.rte.ie/news/2009/0110/economy.html The new buzz word is 'corrective pathway'!
  7. Doc

    Uk Economy

    I know this is UK Economy thread..........but statistics released for Ireland today reported that 120,000 jobs were lost in the last 12 months - unemployment rising from approx. 4% to 8%. The highest rise in unemployment ever recorded in Ireland. The Government have predicted another 120,000 jobs to go this year and the same for 2010. To put in perspective/per capita, 120,000 in Ireland would approx equal 1.950,000 jobs in the UK! A national crisis is looming!
  8. Still have the satelitte image of that Jan 2005 storm saved on my computer - impressive!
  9. Was wondering (hoping for) the same myself? Countryfile forecast would seem to have poo-pooed the whole set up! Must have a look see at the Met Eireann farming forecast.
  10. I remember it well! It was amazing weather - we had thunderstorms on and off for 48 to 60 hours and constant rain, hail and sleet (and that was at low level). I was supposed to go to meeting one of those mornings - I drove about 200 metres before turning back due to the rods covered in hail and slush - and this is in October! As far as I can remember the wind was NNE and showers were being generated over the Irish Sea and blown just into the Dublin area. I probably posted something at that time and have a pics that I will dig out. (I obviously didn't post here as I see that I only joined in
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